Vietnam Lunar New Year – 10 Things To Do and Don’t

For a lot of of us younger Vietnamese, Tet constantly had been anything incredibly crucial to our family members, to our lifestyle and to our people today.

Having said that, we typically never fully grasp particular matters that the older folks in the household generally say and do throughout these 3 significant days of the Lunar New Calendar year.

Just like several of the young Vietnamese residing abroad, I have been by the age of questioning and having difficulties to uncover out the actual tales and explanations behind each individual exercise and conduct that the Vietnamese individuals do for Tet.

You may perhaps not concur with some of the thinks and traditions that I’m heading to record under, but studying this list will save you a whole lot of headache and ideally will aid you in commencing to take pleasure in the attractiveness of our Vietnamese culture and traditions:


The 10 Do’s:

1. Say “Happy New Year” in any language that you can when you see a Vietnamese or an Asian human being. In Vietnamese, it is “Chuc Mung Nam Moi,” with a big smile!

2. Give purple envelopes (Li Xi), however in the previous times, only married persons were intended to do this job in the new calendar year for the reason that married persons were thought to be far more effective than solitary individuals. However, these days, providing absent Li Xi is an act of showing your generosity and wishing the recipients luck throughout the year. Who doesn’t like getting revenue from those pink envelopes? For the reason that, I DO!

3. Smile, chuckle usually, and be energetic. Just really do not overdo the smiling and laughing mainly because folks may possibly misjudge you as someone recently discharged from an asylum or an individual on dope. Yet, seeing another person with a smile on his/her experience will brighten the mood of anyone on any working day, so unquestionably do this!

4. Offer you other individuals a thing sweet this kind of as candies or “mut Tet”. People think that sweet items will provide sweetness for the relaxation of the 12 months.

5. Give the elderly a heat cup of tea if they have missing all their tooth or have diabetic issues. A warm cup of tea is considered to deliver pleasure, heat, and the flavorful sweet taste to the human being. Vietnamese families ordinarily collect about for the duration of Tet to just consume tea. The tea may possibly not be heat, but like of relatives is surely warm.

6. Visit all your family. This is your golden justification to take a look at your relations and catch up with them. This is my golden excuse to fulfill the rest of my crowded family members customers to make absolutely sure that that sweet chick I’m dating does not occur to be my 5th cousin. (J/K!)

7. Give anything similar to range 6 or 8. This is due to the fact our culture has been tied with some features of Chinese lifestyle. Range 6 in Cantonese sounds like the word “Loc” in Vietnamese, which means Luck. Amount 8 in Cantonese seems like the word “Phat” in Vietnamese, which usually means Prosperity. I individually never believe that in these, but I will do something to make folks content. So, offering $6 or $8 for Li Xi would beat the $10. In the stop, I conserve $2 to $4 for every Li Xi and however make other people pleased. Good trick huh?

8. Give just about anything red in coloration, these kinds of as watermelon, li xi, dried fruits in a red box (mut Tet), etcetera. The colour red is affiliated with Luckyand High Course rankings in Asian society, specially the ones that are intensely influenced by Chinese lifestyle. In addition, the color red provides warm thoughts or hotness, like fireplace. So in short, purple provides luck and warmth to the household.

9.  Have on new, colorful, stunning clothes with light-weight colors. Place all those wrinkled, smelly garments in the washer currently!

10. Give the pursuing deal of fruits: custard apple, coconut, papaya, and mango. In Vietnamese, the fruits, respectively: Mang Cau, Dua, Du Du, Xo In the Vietnamese Southern accent, the fruits will be pronounced as “Cau Dua Du Xai”, which suggests “wishing you owning enough money to spend”.

Nonetheless, if you read amount 4 on the 10 Dont’s List under, you will see that individuals normally choose out the custard apple from the bundle due to the trouble of obtaining it through Tet and the perception that 4 is a negative variety. You will frequently see the deal incorporates only coconut, papaya, and mango, which presents you the combination of “Dua Du Xai”, the truncated model with the this means of “Enough Money to Spend”.


The 10 Dont’s:

1. Really do not show up at somebody’s household on the 1st working day except if you have been invited by the home proprietor initial. In any other case, go on the 2nd day or at a later time. People consider that the first human being who shows up at their residence will provide to the family all the attributes of that man or woman. If a particular person is a successful man or woman, the relatives will be thriving. If the man or woman has been unfortunate previous calendar year, the household will be in lousy luck all this new calendar year.

So it is best for you to remain property right until an individual has invited you around. It’s their sign of telling you that both somebody by now has entered their property for this 12 months or they individually like your qualities to have you around and provide them luck. Consider it or not, I do not feel all this luck things is real, but I recommend you to listen to this assistance to avoid becoming unreasonably blamed.

2. Really do not use darkish clothing or just black and white. Dark, black, and white clothing is thought to be involved with death and funerals. By the way, wear anything great and lively–it’s New Calendar year!

3. Never swear, curse, trash communicate, or argue. Any of these is already lousy for any time of the calendar year, not by itself the New Year…

4. Don’t give offers with unfortunate symptoms. For illustration: Any foods with squid or duck meat and number 4 and 7.

Squid creates black liquid, which is thought of to be soiled and harmful, however the squid by itself preferences super great! Ducks are thought to be stupid and their meat is dim (at the very least darker than rooster meat).

Amount 4 is pronounced as “Tu” in the old Vietnamese language program which sounds nearly like “Tu”, which usually means Die or Demise in the old Vietnamese language that is intensely influenced by the Chinese language. Most individuals have mistaken the simple fact of number 7 currently being a fortunate range. Nonetheless, in old Vietnamese language, 7 is pronounced as “That”, which is the exact same spelling and exact audio as the word “Lost” or “Missing” in aged Vietnamese language. So in Vietnamese, range 7 is really really bad! Not as lucky as you assumed.

Oh yeah, and if you are in Vietnam, really do not take in or give dog meat all through New Calendar year. I’ll inform you the cause in particular person.

5. Really don’t discuss about destructive topics these as accidents, fatalities, or funerals. Who likes to converse about these matters in any case?

6. Do not inquire anyone to repay you a financial debt or bank loan. Wait around until finally the up coming 2-3 months. People today consider that if they have to repay or borrow cash at the starting of the yr, they will have to borrow and repay money for the relaxation of the calendar year. Finest time of the year to dodge your debt, eh?

7. Never check with for “Li Xi” if it was not given. This is deemed equivalent to asking the person to pay their financial debt. In my own belief, this has much more to do with courtesy and politeness.

8. Do not take a look at anyone’s house for the initial 3 times of the lunar calendar if you have funeral in your instant spouse and children in the very last 3 a long time. Vietnamese people imagine that the lifeless human being in the family will not go to Hell inside the 1st 3 several years of his or her dying.

Their spirit will observe the family members customers for 3 decades in advance of they possibly get tired from it or witness the simple fact that the family has gotten more than the fact of their demise. Men and women don’t want spirits to go into their dwelling throughout New 12 months mainly because gods, goddesses, and Buddhas are partying it up all through this time and shelling out fewer consideration in guarding the home of the owners from ghosts and spirits.

So, sit residence with your beloved spirit persons will come to your residence to share your sadness if they are thoughtful. You do not want to acquire any stupid blame if some spouse and children sheds some blood for one thing that is fully unrelated to you.

9. Never just take or inquire to acquire matters that are similar to fire out of somebody’s residence such as: lighters, matches, coals, fire fluid, gasoline, and many others. Fireplace is regarded as to be the supply of the heat of the spouse and children, the need of couple’s love. It is believed that people with hearth taken away will have issues inside the loved ones. Firefighters ought to take 3 getaway days for the duration of Tet if their station transpires to be within the Asian community.

10. Really do not get or ask to get things that are associated to drinking water out of somebody’s property this kind of as: bottles of drinking water, h2o containers, drinking water dispensers, drinking cups, eyeglasses, and so forth. People typically would like each other “Tai Loc Nhu Nuoc” or “Money and accomplishment coming in like water”.

So, getting h2o out of somebody’s residence is equal to using absent their prosperity. If you are thirsty, drink the drinking water within the dwelling, do not consider the bottle house or you will see the operator coming to your home to consider again their waterbottle with an indignant encounter.


And lastly, I desire all the audience and tourists a pleased new 12 months, a productive 12 months, an astounding 365 times, and a wonderful 8,760 several hours with your loved kinds!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

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