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Japan is a really beautiful state with tons to working experience.

Its like experienceing a thing new every single day. It will not prevent to awe you. But remaining a vegetarian poses some troubles. They are farily unfamiliar to the idea of vegetarianism. So prepare on your own in advance to love Japan without having heading hungry! 🙂

Ideal issue to do is, equip on your own with some quick food from your residence nation (we located cup noodles to be our saviour in Japan). Also you can cook a little bit, if you keep in a hostel as they have a kitchen hooked up, plan your stays accordingly (I made use of to carry my lunch pack with me, if I am travelling to an interior put).

Aside from that you can obtain quite fantastic fruits, juices, dairy solutions (milk and curd all over again cheese may well be a issue as they may well be built from animal renette) and bakery objects (our personal favorites currently being the product buns). And if you really want to try one thing out, you can check out the cold soba noodles (sizzling ones occur in a broth, which could possibly be from fish or rooster), or the rice balls with sea-weed sheets but they are extremely tasteless.

Shopping for just about anything from merchants also requirements some treatment. Most of the items don’t occur with nearly anything prepared in English and you could not even come across a English speaking staff in numerous shops.


So get ready by yourself with phrases like –

No meat – “MiitoNae”

No fish – “Sakana Nae”

No egg – “Tamago Nae”

No ham – “Hamu Nae”

No beef – “Biifu Nae”

No chicken – “Chikin Nae”

No pork – “P?ku Nae”

No gelatin – “Zerachin Nae”

No lecithin – “Reshicin Nae”

No fish stock – “Dashi Nae”

No Bonito Flakes – “Katsuo-bushi Nae”


Use these phrases in a questioning tone with proper gestures, that will push your position!


Next, you can uncover some vegetarian dining establishments in Japan. Do a bit of exploration above the Net. Most of the Buddhist and Indian eating places, you can find some vegetarian dishes. But often, there is very little in close proximity to to your spot, so often be well prepared to fall back again on other points.


If you don’t consume egg as effectively, be positive to affirm that in the places to eat, as most of the veggie eating places are basically ovo-lacto vegetarian. I have experienced the encounter of the Indian Breads having egg, so had to constantly do with only rice and curry.

Candies – you can discover some european sweets in some of the suppliers, majorly “Lindt”. And for a little something local, most of the “Meiji” candies are safe and sound.

So get ready properly in progress and you will have a wonderful time in Japan. As to preferred thought that you cannot survive a lot as a vegetarian, its not accurate. I survived for two months, so can any individual!! 🙂

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