Top Koh Tao Diving Sites

Hunting for the best Koh Tao diving internet sites?

Blessed for you, there is a great deal of them! It’s a person of the top spots to go scuba diving in Thailand.

This journey idea will almost certainly make it harder for you to pick a diving spot… as there are so lots of. Very best is to check out them all!

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Top rated Koh Tao Diving Web-sites

Leading Koh Tao Diving Sites

Mango Bay

Situated to the north of Koh Tao the location all over Mango Bay tends to make a pleasant enjoyable dive. With depths ranging from 2 to 15 meters its ideal for newbies and snorkelers. Difficult and delicate coral formations right here are plentiful along with a variety of sponges and clams. The bay is only obtainable by boat and tends to make a common snorkelers working day journey. Fall in even further around the northwestern idea of the island and drift into the bay space to stay clear of the crowds.

Sail Rock

One particular of the more well-known Scuba diving sites in the Koh Samui archipelago. It is an iceberg formed pinnacle that rises from the sandy sea flooring at 40 metres and rises 15 metres over the surface area. It is a appropriate dive web site for all degrees of diver, from Discover Scuba up.

Its surface is made up of little patches of hard and delicate coral. Frequent fauna that could be found include barracuda, batfish, jacks, occasional whale sharks, and several other species of tropical fish. The currents can differ noticeably, but generally are mid to potent. Visibility is normally in the 10-30 meter selection. For far more sophisticated divers, there is a vertical ‘swim through’ on the northwest facet of the rock. Normally identified as “The Chimney”, it begins at a depth of 18 meters and exits the rock all over again at depths of 12 and 6 meters. There are no affiliated costs as yet with diving Sail Rock.

Chumphon Pinnacles

Broadly regarded as the Gulf of Thailand’s leading dive web pages, 5 km Northwest of Koh Tao. The internet site is comprised of a person large granite pinnacle with some smaller pinnacles increasing from the bottom. 40 Meters. Bull Sharks, education Barracuda. Batfish, Giant Gropers, Pacific Lionfish, occasional Whalesharks.

Southwest Pinnacles

Consisting of seven granite pinnacles ranging from 5 to 30 metres deep and found all over 12km off the south west coast of Koh Tao is a person of the islands best dive internet sites. The shallower sections of the pinnacles are included in anemones, whip corals and sea lovers. Significant groupers and barracudas can often be observed right here and you could be blessed more than enough to place even more substantial guests.

Green Rock

Eco-friendly Rock delivers numerous small swim throughs, caves and crevices where by maritime lifestyle can be seen sheltering. The boulders selection in depth from 5 metres down to all over 32. There is typically a solid latest right here that you can use to drift about the submerged pinnacles so its not really advised for inexperienced divers. You will surely come upon Yellow Margin and Titan Set off fish in this article as it forms a common breeding ground for them … so tactic with caution.

White Rock

Two huge granite boulders make up the White Rock dive site. An expansive coral garden can be found below at about 10 meters that’s teeming with educational institutions of butterfly fish and angelfish. Blue noticed stingrays are also a typical sight on this dive. White Rock is also a common night dive place in which feather stars, and an array of crustaceans can been seen searching for food stuff.

Pink Rock

This Koh Tao diving web site is also referred to as Nang Yuan Pinnacle. It commences at all-around 2 metres and drops to 22. The pinnacle alone is almost nothing exclusive and the main attractions to this web page are the swim throughs. The entrance to the swim by way of can be observed if you depart the pinnacle and head west towards Koh Nang Yuan. This is generally completed as a drift dive down to Japanese Backyard where by you can chill out for the protection prevent.

Scuba diving in Koh Tao, Thailand
Scuba diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

Twin Pinnacles

On the far side of Koh Nang Yuan beginning at about 5 meters underneath the surface area and dropping to a depth of 18 metres is Twin Peaks or just “Twins”. This is an great internet site for rookies thanks to its depth and relieve of navigation. The rocks are embedded into white sand and there is no lack of maritime lifestyle in this article. A friendly pair of scarce saddleback clownfish and be found to the western aspect of the greater of the Twins.

Japanese Gardens 

This dive web site is named just after the ornate arrangement of coral boulders below. Positioned on the east side of Koh Nang Yuan and with depths ranging from 2 to 12 meters it is suitable for snorkelers & newbies. A great deal of staghorn and plate coral can be observed in the shallows. A well known drift dive can be carried out from Red Rock by way of a collection of swimthroughs and rising into Japanese Gardens for a calming safety halt among the myriad coral formations.

Hin Wong Pinnacle 

Located on the east side of Koh Tao is Hin Wong Pinnacle. This website includes numerous significant granite boulders lined with sea followers and whip corals, as perfectly as filefish, shrimpfish, coral grouper and lots of other reef fish. You might come upon the resident Inexperienced Turtle if you’re fortunate. The summit is a tabletop rock formation inside of about 10 meters of the area and the utmost depth at Hin Wong is all around 32 meters.

Laem Thien Pinnacle

Laem Thian Pinnacle is a good rocky dive internet site close to Mao Bay whole of swim throughs, caverns and little caves. There are a several steep walls with some predators hunting for lesser prey. Some exceptional white comfortable coral and sea whips can be admired alongside the wall at depths among 18 and 5 meters. It is possible to merge this cave dive with the beauties of shallow reef diving inside of Mao Bay or Aow Mao.

Shark Island

Named just after its resemblance to a dorsal fin, Shark Island is a twin rock outcrop situated to the southeast of Koh Tao. Each individual aspect of the islet gives a unique array of marine daily life and functions generating it almost two web-sites in a single! On the east facet you will discover myriad smooth corals, gorgonians and sponges although the west features hard coral formations that are house to moray eels, nudibranchs, sting rays and the odd Leopard shark. Titan triggerfish can be really aggressive right here so method with warning. Highest depth at this web page is 25 metres.

Unicorn Wreck

It was rumored at the time of sinking in 1989 that the Unicorn was sunk on purpose as an insurance policy fraud. The 60 meter prolonged cargo vessel was reported to have a keep entire of high priced tuna fish which turned out to be economical canine food items, consequently the nickname it later obtained – the “dog food” wreck. Lying around 12km off Mango Bay and in 50 meters of water it is also a technological diving web page. However mostly intact with the the greater part of the obtrusive fishing nets now taken off some penetration is feasible. The wreck is now residence to some huge crimson snappers and patrolling groupers.

Torpedo Wreck

The Torpedo is a 70 meter Japanese cargo vessel sitting upright in all-around 55 meters of h2o an hour north of Koh Tao, she sank in the mid 1970’s. Due to the depths involved this has been categorised a technical dive for expert divers only. There are a few parts of penetration however visibility is ordinarily lousy at depth. The deck is at 45 meters and the cargo retains are nevertheless comprehensive of teak logs, with a number of scattered on the seabed.

Hin Ngam

Exact broader bay as Aow Luek, shallow teaching or sheltered dive dive.

Hin Pee Wee

Next to White Rock, 30m.

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