Top Five Shark Cage Diving Hotspots in the World

Shark cage diving is the exhilarating practical experience of diving with the ocean’s apex predators with the defense of a metal cage.

There are only a handful of places exactly where you can reliably see the most notorious predator of them all, the fantastic white shark.

Below are the leading 5 destinations to dive with good whites in the earth.


Prime 5 great white shark diving hotspots

Gansbaai, South Africa

Dubbed the ‘great white funds of the world’, Gansbaai’s large population of sharks congregate amongst Dyer Island and Geyser rock, creating an ideal condition for people eager to courageous the chilly waters and come experience-to-experience with a selection of shark species.

In addition to fantastic whites, Mako, tiger, black-idea and blue sharks can all be located in Gansbaai. The local cape fur seal colony provides the sharks with a fantastic spot to hunt for food items, earning it arguably the very best locale for shark cage diving in the earth.


Isla de Guadelupe, Mexico

Positioned about 240km off the west coastline of Mexico, Isla de Guadelupe is a preferred eco-tourism place because of its assorted marine everyday living and visibility unrivalled by any other site on the listing.

Guadelupe Island is the major dive spot to see great whites off the Mexican coastline, although the Rivelligegedo Archipelago further up the coast is a hotspot for dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales and a selection of shark species.


Wrong Bay, South Africa

Phony Bay is with out a doubt the ideal put to witness excellent whites ‘breaching’, the one of a kind looking technique exactly where they use the factor of shock to catch seals with these kinds of power from under that they fly out of the drinking water.

Shark cage diving is well known in the bay, and quite a few operators offer you the chance to scuba dive in the cage, permitting divers to observe sharks at increased depths for a increased size of time.


Neptune Islands, Australia

Neptune Islands Conservation Park is a protected haven for terrific whites, who constantly deal with challenges globally for survival because of to human variables these types of as shark nets, overfishing and habitat destruction. This is the only area in Australia the place shark cage diving is permitted.

Break up up into two sets of islands, the Neptunes are characterised by rocky terrain and are property to the major colony of fur seals in the place. In addition to the remarkable ocean lifestyle, the islands are also nicely-regarded for their terrestrial flora and fauna and include things like an outstanding array of mammals, reptiles and birds.


Farallon islands, United States

Just 30kms from San Francisco’s legendary Golden Gate Bridge, the Farallon Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Recognised as the ‘Islands of the Dead’ by Indigenous Us citizens, they have remained mostly uninhabited for most of their historical past, but marine and climate scientists retain have not too long ago recognized a compact existence.

The islands are closed to the public but the bordering waters are an fantastic area to check out great whites thanks to the large elephant seal colony scattered all over its shores, which give an excellent meals resource.

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