Top 10 Things to Eat and Drink in Mozambique

Mozambique is Southern Africa’s respond to to tropical paradise: with stunning seashores, turquoise sea, stunning islands and a palm-fringed coastline, it’s the things journey brochures are built of.

A lot of African nations are not recognised for their gourmand offerings, but Mozambique is 1 of the exceptions. 5 hundred several years of Portuguese affect, tropical fruit and plentiful fish and seafood imply that Mozambique is a foodie’s heaven.


Right here are some dishes (and drinks) you should really attempt on your subsequent journey:

1. Prawns

All the seafood you’ll take in in Mozambique is delectable, but prawns are definitely the emphasize: juicy and flavourful, they’re served grilled or fried, with French fries or rice. Prawns in Mozambique are juicy and scrumptious. They are served grilled on the barbecue or fried and are slathered in possibly fiery peri peri sauce or lashings of garlic.


2. Matapa

This tasty common dish is not anything you’ll generally find on the menu at tourist dining establishments – you are more probable to get it if you end up staying with locals. It is made from stewed cassava leaves (identical to spinach), ground peanuts, garlic and coconut milk. It is both eaten on its personal or with rice and prawns.


3. Paõ 

Found in any Mozambican sector, paõ  (pronounced pow) are Portuguese white bread rolls baked in wood-fired ovens in villages.


4. Peri peri chicken

You will find peri peri rooster all more than Mozambique, as properly as additional north in Tanzania and west in Angola (an additional southern African state colonised by the Portuguese). The dish is made up of rooster marinated in lemon juice, garlic and a healthful douse of peri peri sauce, normally eaten with French fries.


5. Prego roll

There is nothing at all much better for a roadside snack in Mozambique than a lip-smacking prego roll: a steak covered in peri peri sauce (a fiery red sauce built with chillies, garlic and vinegar) in paõ. Straightforward and tasty!


6. Cashews

Mozambique was once the world’s most significant producer of cashews, and even while they are not being farmed on this sort of a extensive scale anymore, there are nuts trees expanding all around the put. You are going to see people today offering baggage of cashews on the side of the road for peanuts (justification the pun) and on the seashore. Though simple cashews are fantastic, the roasted peri peri types are even more tasty.


7. Fish

Buy fresh new fish ideal off the boats on the seashore all along the coastline in Mozambique. It’s best to grill fish on a barbecue and take in it on the seaside if doable – the greatest seaside meal!


8. Tropical fruit

With Mozambique’s warm, humid local climate, delectable tropical fruit grows everywhere. There are papayas, coconuts, avocados and my favourite – tiny, sweet mangoes. Buy fruit at village marketplaces or on the aspect of the street – a huge bucket of about forty mangoes goes for close to 5MTs (15 US cents).


9. 2M

Laurentina is a excellent Mozambican beer, by my favourite is 2M (pronounced doish-em). There is absolutely nothing like a several of these drunk at sunset soon after a best day on the seaside.


10. Tipo Tinto

If you are backpacking in Mozambique, you’re likely to go through additional than a couple problems from Tipo Tinto, the countrywide rum. Do not consider and consume this neat! It’s greatest with a mixer – the community favorite is a berry-flavoured soda termed Sparberry.

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