Things Nobody Tells You About Iran

As an Iranian interacting with a lot of foreigners (individuals who are in all probability fascinated in Iran or vacation to Iran), I face with many intriguing inquiries in my day-to-working day daily life and I also uncover some exciting, yet overlooked details about my nation and its society.

The queries ordinarily assortment from far more typical subject areas like politics, economics and faith to tiny specifics about day to day existence of persons in Iran.

In this article are some of the most repeated subject areas I have been requested as an Iranian. So let’s check out it out to see if you also carry the similar doubts about this fewer-identified land or not!


Do you reside in the upcoming?

When I speak about dates and calendars in common, our Iranian photo voltaic calendar is a person of weirdest aspects about Iran.

People usually get shocked when they understand that we use 3 formal calendars in the country and the key a single starts off with the initially day of spring, and when they here about the date, it appears to them that we are living in a different era, likely in the upcoming, as we are about to commence the 12 months 1400!


It is Saturday, let us go to get the job done!

When most persons close to the entire world are about to get started their weekend, individuals in Iran get prepared to go get the job done, mainly because it is Saturday! Sure, the week in Iran ends on Friday and so the weekend officially starts on Thursday.

So, it is excellent to have this in mind when you are arranging a vacation to Iran, as it may well impact the particulars of your designs in numerous strategies!


Iranian food stuff is not Indian foods!

Unlike what a lot of foreigners might imagine about Iranian gastronomy, we are not in standard accustomed to eat spicy meals as it is so typical in international locations like India.

It is true that we use more spices than other international locations in normal, but these spices are not typically warm and spicy and they alternatively bring a distinct taste to our foodstuff.

You may possibly perception the style of turmeric, black pepper, saffron and cinnamon in a lot of meals, but at final the food items will not be spicy (despite the fact that it would definitely be additional salty, sourer and stranger in general!!)


And do you have it on in the household, also?

The hijab topic is normally a controversial subject and usually tough to clarify in a lot of approaches. It is extra relevant to the government guidelines and peoples’ beliefs than other topics.

So, no, we gown ordinary in our properties, though if you get invited to some classic or spiritual families’ homes, you may possibly see a girl owning it on due to the fact of strangers in the household, as it greatly relies upon on the family’s qualifications and religious beliefs.


Who drives in Iran and how?

Many foreigners have this notion that females are not authorized to generate in Iran, but it is not genuine. Essentially, they have had the risk to travel because a lot of a long time ago and they however do.

In simple fact, in my expertise, they are better motorists in massive towns like Tehran, as they respect the regulation more than a lot of males (serene down! Just an plan!!). But it is genuine that driving in Iran in common may shock (and even scare you!) in some moments!


Is it truly snowing in Tehran?

Contrary to the present impression of Iran, its money and lots of other cities are inexperienced, with lots of wonderful trees and awesome temperature and in fact, the 3 thousand and some snow-capped mountains of Tehran, entire the lovely picture of this city.

We commonly working experience snow in the city all through the wintertime, but you can see the snow on top of the mountains (and even go skiing!) in other periods of the 12 months in Tehran, way too.


Iranian rap, Ghormeh Sabzi-Pizza?

Basically, it is not a pretty bizarre and rare mix. Iranian rap and other Iranian variations of distinctive kinds of tunes have been evolved and produced through the modern day time and now have an acceptable track record and heritage.

As an Iranian, I hear to quite a few of them, as there are some well-made raps, rocks and fusion variations of Iranian new music with good Persian lyrics.

What may well sound weird to you as a foreigner, would possibly be listening to the Iranian classical new music and Avaaz (or Awaz), which is  an unmetered vocal area of a manner in Persian tunes and may well seems unfamiliar or fully new to you.


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