The Facial Spray That Actually Works

I do not bear in mind the exact day I met Tower 28 founder Amy Liu—I do try to remember wondering she seemed distinctly LA (is it, frequently, in the free waves?), and that I was in the center of a series of Fraxel remedies. It experienced been a disheartening couple of months from a splendor perspective: the revolving door of items that is my regime abruptly halted, leaving me wedged between a tub of CeraVe and… a pump bottle of CeraVe. I wasn’t about to introduce one thing new that may possibly induce a response. But the attractiveness itch don’t quit just because I can’t scratch it, so I pivoted. Predominantly to sunblocks, lip conditioners, and piercings. Reader, I obtained 4 new piercings in a two 7 days time period! Apparently, that is what happens when I simply cannot rotate my serums? I point out all of this just to say, I was not anticipating Amy to provide me on a new skincare merchandise that working day. I just was not intrigued. Consider you me.

I jumped appropriate into Tower 28’s makeup although the brand’s 1 skincare merchandise, SOS, sat in my rest room unused. It was a facial spray, it smelled like a swimming pool, and I hadn’t had any expertise with its major ingredient in advance of. But I remembered that scent when, a couple times later, the PA at Union Square Dermatology prepping my experience for Fraxel swiped on a solution that smelled surprisingly identical. “We just like almost everything to be definitely clear,” she spelled out to me, putting the bottle again on the counter. When she slipped out of the room I checked its label—it experienced the same active as the SOS spray.

So here’s what’s really up: though the brand maintains SOS stands for “Help you save Our Skin,” it also stands for “super oxidized option.” An SOS is a slightly acidic mix of h2o, salt, and an ingredient called hypochlorous acid. Not to be confused with hydrochloric acid, which is the corrosive chemical applied to make batteries, hypochlorous acid is uncovered obviously in your overall body. In simple fact, it is an vital section of your immune response—when your human body clocks some thing it thinks might result in an infection, it triggers a series of responses that end with the launch of hypochlorous acid. It is not an antibiotic, so it’s accessible OTC and you won’t acquire resistance to it, but it does get rid of bacteria. (In truth, it is the just one issue Amy instructed me served her get off of an antibiotic prescription.) It has related microorganisms-killing abilities as hydrogen peroxide, which works great as a disinfectant but causes cell demise and a slower therapeutic course of action when made use of on skin. And, get this! Since hypochlorous acid arrives from your system, it doesn’t attack the great bacteria that also comes from your body. Even though its use in skincare seems cutting edge, plenty of scientific tests previously exist to back up that hypochlorous acid operates. This 1 recorded the time it took for hypochlorous acid to get rid of all microorganisms as 12 seconds. 12 seconds! If you’re striving to retain a wound clean up, or wrestle with acne, 12 seconds is major. And at the time, I was carrying out equally.

After my 2nd Fraxel therapy, I begun utilizing SOS ideal following my early morning and night deal with washes. To some degree miraculously, my red, flaky encounter truly did mend more quickly than the time right before. And, per Amy’s recommendation, I also started off spraying it on a refreshing daith piercing that was performing up. The big difference was obvious: my swollen, pink piercing became flatter and much less crusty with each passing day. I have come to be fully reliant on it to continue to keep my piercings serene and my skin less than command whilst I just can’t use something else—so considerably so that I have basically gotten replacement bottles, which I in no way do.

So, here’s my recommendation. If you have a new hole in your encounter, get this spray. If you have acne, get this spray. If you are therapeutic from surgical procedure or a laser therapy, get this spray. Spray it on blisters, on the finger you slice although grating parmesan. Spray it in all places! If it simply cannot damage your pores and skin at its most sensitive, it actually can’t harm.

—Ali Oshinsky

Photograph via the writer

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