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Disinfection for mice and sewage cleaning

Disinfection for mice and sewage cleaning

Cleaning is the action we take in order to eliminate mice and other rodents from indoor and outdoor areas. Disinfection is performed by trained personnel Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου with rodent knowledge and experience and rodent extermination techniques.

Why choose Apofraxeis Antoniou for disinfection for mice?

Our technicians know the needs of each case, home, warehouse, business, etc. They know what equipment is needed in each case, but also what medicine they will use. Within the framework of the disinfection service, there is also the counselling support.

Disifection for mice in every possible space

Cleaning every possible space is often not enough. This is because the conditions in the area may remain fertile for the re-establishment and reproduction of rodents. The result is that after a while you face the same problem. In this case we apply rodenticides. Our technicians will advise you. They will always be available for any questions regarding the prevention and treatment of rodents.

What is the difference between disinfection and rodenticide?

Disinfection is the most general action we take to avoid a mouse problem again. We are not only interested in the killing of the invader, that is, rodenticides, but in the fact that a similar incident will not happen again. Also in disinfections we disinfect all possible places where rodents are active and restore cleanliness and hygiene in your area. Our company is a leader in rodent disinfection with all the means for 100% success.

Protection measures

We give great importance to protection measures and for this reason special baiting stations are placed in food preparation areas or in workplaces. The bait points are recorded topographically and numbered to check the effectiveness and safety of the disinfection for mice.

Apofraxeis – Apolymanseis Antoniou in Athens

With the company Apofraxeis – Apolymanseis Antoniou you will never face problems with rodents, mice and rats again. Disinfection for mice is now a simple matter. With trained technicians and more than 40 years of rodent experience, you will be sure that you are protected from any threat.

Extermination techniques range from bait traps can be dangerous to humans and pets at home if not placed properly. Glue traps are similarly used in mice, but they also require proper placement to be effective. All traps require a deep knowledge of the mouse’s habits and behaviour to be used effectively.

Prevention is still an important factor in tackling the problem. Points that can form passages or foci of rodents should be sealed, no materials left for a long time immovable property in the same place and generally in case all those actions that will make it difficult for the presence and passage of rodents in the area should be done .

Statistical representation of the findings is also a great help, through the elaboration of the control cards of bait stations, in order to make the appropriate corrective actions.

No rodenticides are generally placed in production areas. To control the presence of rodents, special control stations are used with baits without active substance or any other method of capture (mechanical capture traps).

Disinfection for mice in 3 steps

1. Myocardial infarction can be characterized as a particularly complex task. In the first step of rodenticide, we must know the building facilities very well and have a complete picture of the surrounding area.

2. The second step is to assess the population of rodents that may exist and how they behave in the area. The points from which rodents are supplied with their food should also be identified so that we can eliminate the food sources of rodents with Rodenticides.

3. Then follows a careful bait of the area with special rodenticides. The choice of bait points as well as the shape of the baits depend on the area and the population as they have been estimated from the above stages of the application.

Exterminations are carried out by the following means:

  • Hemolytic baits

A hemolytic baits meal is the most common bait for rodenticide and mice disinfection. It is very attractive to mice and very effective. Another advantage of this bait is that dead mice do not smell. This rodenticide is safe for humans and the environment and is in line with the technical conditions of the Ministry. An. And Food.

  • Trap stations

Dog stations for mice, rats and rodents in general are perhaps the safest method of treatment. They are useful in homes and businesses. The advantages of this particular method of rodenticide are:

  • It is very effective
  • They do not allow access to bait to those who are not responsible, to children and animals
  • The most lethal drug is retained
  • It is very attractive to mice because it looks like a nest
  • Enable the control of the consumption of the bait and its recording
  • They make bait more attractive and consumable
  • They protect the bait from water and moisture

The bait stations are placed according to a plan by the responsible scientist, they are numbered and marked in a special plan for the plan of the space. Indicative signs indicate their positions, so that they are not accidentally destroyed, but also more effectively controlled by the staff of our company.

  • Adhesive traps

Sticker traps for rodents are another popular method of treatment. It is basically a base that has a very strong glue on it. Combined with an attractive scent for mice, if placed in the right place it is quite effective. This means that it can be applied to areas where we know rodents are circulating.

Pay attention to the following

Before performing a rodenticide, it is necessary to correctly determine the population of parasites. Noises inside the walls can be the result of a mouse infection. However, insects, even the building itself, can make similar noises and require different solutions.

All possible feeding sites and rodent entry points should be located and eliminated.

Human food sources must be kept in metal or glass containers with tight lids. Waste containers must be equally durable and sealed. Benches, sinks and floors in the kitchen should be kept clean, and all possible entry points should be sealed.

Cracks and holes should be sealed with steel or concrete. Open areas around pipes, gas pipes and air ducts must also be sealed. Holes as small as the pencil eraser can allow entry and should not be overlooked. Call us – αποφράξεις Αντωνίου Αθήνα – now!

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