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Unique experiences you will live in Santorini

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Santorini for the sunset

One of the most famous couple islands in the country, not to mention the world. If you have the budget, take your favorite and travel to Santorini. A little of the picturesque alleys, a little of the sunset of Oia, a little of the beaches with black sand due to the volcano, make the landscape enchanting and very erotic.

If you do not have a problem with the crowds, because in Santorini there is a loss of tourists from many foreign countries then you will definitely have a good time. Also, do not be cautious and are afraid to go to Santorini since there is the saying “any couple who goes to Santorini, gets married or divorces”. Make sure you have a good time, take your dips in the “Red Beach” and you will surely remember this vacation for years.


The settlement of Oia is without a doubt the most romantic part of the island and one of the most photographed places in Greece. As touristy as it sounds to you, the sunset in Oia with the Caldera in the background is a unique spectacle that you must see even once in your life.

The walk on the edge of the Caldera

You will need about three hours to cross the path that connects Fira with Oia, passing through Imerovigli, and to explore the wild beauty of the Caldera. The view is truly breathtaking, the road is passable and you will meet several small churches along the way, bathed in Cycladic light. At ten kilometers of the trail you will feel acrobatics on the eyebrow of the Caldera, while the volcano opposite you will monopolize your interest.

The dives on the volcanic beaches

It is true that in no beach in Santorini the landscape is repeated. Each beach has something of its own. In Vlychada the volcanic rocks seem to be sculpted. The famous Red Beach is named after the red volcanic rock that gives it a special morphology.

If you are surfing, Baxedes with black volcanic sand will reward you. The White beach is just as impressive as the black sand “ties” with the white rock. And finally, in Palia Kameni, in the bay of Agios Nikolaos you will reach by boat and you will find yellow-green warm waters, while the island is already impressive as it came from the volcanic eruption.

The visit to Ancient Thira

Of special historical value, Ancient Thira testifies to the rich history of the island. It was founded by Dorian settlers in the 8th century BC, on the hill Mesa Vouno on the southeast coast of the island and flourished during the Archaic and Hellenistic periods.

In Roman times the city continued to grow at a not so fast pace, the early Christian years found it in decline, while near the 8th century AD. ceased to be permanently inhabited. Enjoying the view you will understand why this was the only urban settlement on the island for many years.

 The sunset in Pyrgos

If you do not see the sunset in Santorini, it is as if you have never visited it. However, for the initiates, the best sunset will be enjoyed in Pyrgos, the old capital of the island, away from the bustling Oia where you will have to be very lucky to find a good place to sit, due to the crowds.

In Pyrgos, which in recent years has developed into a meeting point for sophisticated travelers, the sunset becomes even more imposing precisely because of the location of the old medieval settlement, from which you will see the whole island stretching in front of you.

From the top islands of the Mediterranean, they really visit it from every corner of the earth, to enjoy its unique natural beauty. Santorini, the southernmost island of the Cyclades, stands out for its volcanic landscape with its reddish and black shades, the white houses built on the edge of the Caldera that seem to hover at the edge of the cliff and above all for its incomparable beauty.

Santorini could be described as the ultimate island, because it is unique in the world. It is therefore the perfect setting for the most perfect vacation, while she knows very well how to seduce her visitor, offering him unforgettable moments. Discover what makes thousands of people dream of traveling to Santorini and visit it to live four unique experiences.

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