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Tutoring Center or private lessons?

Tutoring Center or private lessons?

Given the need to learn at least one foreign language-ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα–, due to economic, social and political developments around the world, parents often wonder if they will choose Tutoring or private lessons for their children. A dilemma that concerns many, as the level of language learning, but also the needs of the child are constantly changing.

Finding out the pros and cons of the above two options may be easier said than done. There are many advantages of private lessons and also tutoring centers. Whatever we are going to discuss further down, the choice is yours as it depends on your personal preference.

Flexibility and time tables

The flexibility in the program, especially for children with many obligations, the development of a special relationship between the student and the teacher, the individualized approach and the immediate treatment of any questions the child has, the faster completion of the material, the personal choice of the teacher and parallel The easiest solution of cooperation, if the child is not satisfied, are the main objections that push the parents to choose the private lesson and not the tutoring.

In this very important decision, however, every parent must consider the disadvantages of the aforementioned option, which are also essential advantages for choosing the Tutoring Center.

Private tutoring advantages

Of course, having a tutor come at your house to deliver a 1 or 2-hour lesson is a blast, especially when your kids do have other extracurricular activities. It really helps you manage your own time in a better way and therefore be there for your children when they need you.

Furthermore, a private tutor will focus directly on your children and detect any learning difficulties or gaps in their already known materials and subjects. You can also have a direct communication with them as they will come to your place after all.

Tutoring center advantages

A well-organized tutoring center communicates with each parent individually and shapes their weekly schedule taking into account the needs of the family, while providing a stable framework for conducting the lesson, which a child needs, as opposed to the special one that is easily postponed. In addition, the classes are small and flexible and the cognitive level of the students is taken into account.

The teaching staff is experienced, recruited with strict criteria, constantly evaluated and trained. The books are approved by Universities and Colleges of international prestige. The evaluation of students is done by recognized bodies. Frequent written tests help both children and parents to constantly monitor their development.

At the same time, in the group lesson, it often happens that the interaction between students brings to the surface a learning gap that in particular may be slow to be perceived.

Classroom advantages

After all, the lesson in the classroom is always more interesting than the individual one, not only because of the interaction, but also because of the rivalry and cooperation, through group work. The latter leads us to an extremely important advantage of the tutorial. It offers the child a space of socialization and integration into an alternative set.

Starting in the tutorial the student becomes a member of a group, a small society of knowledge, culture and new experiences. The child comes in contact with the culture of the country where the language is taught (lending library, theatrical performances, experiential trips to museums and places of educational and cultural interest), has fun and is entertained.

The Tutoring Center today is a living organization that is constantly evolving, constantly updated and provides the latest in terms of teaching materials, teaching methods, new multimedia technologies. All with the aim of developing the abilities and skills of students, to prepare them for the very demanding environment in which they will be invited to live and work and to do so happily with their friends and classmates. The answer, then, to the dilemma tutorial or private is rather simple!

Choose to take on online private classes to save time and money!

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