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4 Points to consider before buying a security door

4 Points to consider before buying a security door

4 Points to consider before buying a security door – Alfino Door

4 Points to consider before buying a security door

Security doors are the A and O of security of a home and a business space. It is very important, especially nowadays, to make sure that we are adequately protected from any cunning robber who will want to exploit our efforts and our personal belongings and who will threaten our physical and mental integrity.

If you are in the process of searching for the right security door then the following article will help you discard the amount of information you receive but also be able to come up with that product that will suit your space and your aesthetics in the best way, offering you maximum security and protection.

There is a huge number of products on the market that promise to protect you, but what can be the product you choose? We talked to the security door experts in Greece and asked them to point out the points we should focus on before choosing a purchase.

1. The certifications on the security doors

In case you have already started your searches you will have found that there is a very large number of products that seem to be ideal for the protection of your space. But the question is which of them promise to offer you the best security and which can deliver on that promise?

It is very important to know that security doors are not necessarily security doors. Real security doors are products that have successfully passed specific tests, which are pre-determined by the European Institutes and according to which the degree of resistance of a door is checked in any possible attempt to violate it, within a certain period of time.

So before you rush to choose a security door, ask for all the necessary certificates that should accompany it. So when someone suggests a security door, be sure to ask to see the corresponding papers that certify what he says.

2. The grade of the security door

Security doors are classified in a class scale that is rated from 1 to 6 with 6 being the maximum grade. It is therefore good for each product for which you choose to be informed to know the grade of its class.

3. The security door lock

To achieve maximum burglary protection you should choose to install one of the new technology security locks on your door. So you should choose a security door with a new generation security lock or a security door, which may accept a similar product on it in the future.

4. The reliability of the company with the security doors

To be sure of the final product that you will choose to install in your home it is very important to choose to visit the right company. If you choose a reliable company.

Alfinodoor, with years of experience in the field works with the best door production companies, both in Greece and in Europe, then you will be able to feel and be safer about the choice you will make and whether the money you will take place.

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