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Mistakes we make when we are using our smartphones

We all make these mistakes when using smartphones (θήκες κινητών) and we have to stop them!

Smartphones have become an extension of our hand. And not unfair! It is a multi-tool that we can use for everything. From a camera, a small computer to checking our e-mails!

But, there are some wrong things we do while using it! Let’s see what they are?

1. We sleep with it

It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the radio waves it emits, but with the interruption of your sleep cycle by the notifications. It’s best to turn it off, or leave it in a completely different room and on silent or flight mode. You see, good sleep is all about whether it is interrupted or continuous!

2. We use it before we sleep

Yet another thing that disrupts your sleep cycle. Your biological clock is adjusted according to the sunlight, but when you use bright light in the dark, you deregulate it. Have you noticed that you can’t sleep well, then just try for a week not to use your cell phone before going to bed!

3. We use it when there is no good signal

Another thing to avoid doing. Unless you’re in an emergency! When your mobile phone has a low signal, it automatically works more intensively, this causes it to overheat and damage its battery. Also, overheating of smartphones can cause other problems.

4. You look at the screen with the wrong body position

You slouch a lot when looking at your cell phone and this will cause a lot of neck problems. So, it’s a good idea to immediately change the way you look, but also use your mobile phone!

As you can see, it helps in a lot of things, but it also has quite a few negatives!

Why do smartphones overheat?

Now you will know why your smartphone overheats and how you can prevent this!

Smartphones are part of our everyday life. Now, they tend to become an extension of our hand, as in addition to applications and social media, they have taken the place of other products such as the camera, the alarm clock, the laptop and others. But, you’ve noticed that they often overheat. Why should this happen?

As technology evolves, smartphones will become even “smarter”. They will have more features and functions that we cannot imagine.

However, these features may untie our hands and turn smartphones into an even more necessary accessory, but this will have some problems in the mobile itself. We will fill it with applications that we need, I will use it more hours of the day. And this will contribute to a part that has not been fully explained, his overheating!

Did you know you shouldn’t charge your smartphone at night?

Do you also charge your cell phone at night? You must immediately stop doing this and here you will understand why!

Charging your mobile phone is a process that almost none of us do correctly. And so, pretty much everyone, we end up with the battery of our mobile phone not having the desired performance. One of the most important instructions given by experts is not to leave it charging overnight!

But for what reasons should we follow this advice?

The answer is simple. Smartphones contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which charge faster than traditional rechargeable batteries. But, as you can see, the battery on smartphones runs out quite quickly. Of course, the extensive use of mobile phones also contributes to this.

And for this, however, there is an explanation. You see, the batteries in our cell phones are relatively small and cannot have that much capacity. The way we use our devices plays an important part in the battery life of our mobile. Constantly checking email, messaging people, listening to music, watching videos, using various apps, playing games, and letting apps update freely drains batteries even faster!

And so, we end up charging our cell phones every day. Yes, many times and twice a day. It is even more common to charge our mobile at night. When we fall asleep! But this is wrong!

Smartphones take about two hours to reach the desired 100%! The concern is not about whether the battery can be overcharged, as such a thing does not happen. Our phone stops drawing power from the charger once it reaches 100%.

Even though a charger turns off charging, when your phone reaches 100%, the charger will continue to finish charging overnight.

Such a charge load, is what tries to keep the balance at 100%, to compensate for the small part of the charge, which our phone expels by itself. So our cell phone constantly oscillates between a full charge and just below it until we unplug it.

These so-called survivability charges can lead to higher temperatures of our device and thus can reduce productivity over time. In other words, the capacity of the battery is reduced and this has the consequence of reducing the life of the battery.

That’s why it’s best to charge your cell phone during the day! If you want the night, just turn it off!

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How often should you change your phone accessories?

How often should you change your phone accessories?

If you have gotten a new phone –θήκες κινητών– we already know that you want to enjoy its new features, take lots of pictures with it and download many applications. This phone though, will be old sometime in the future, or it’s accessories will simply not be able to fulfill your needs any more. Nevertheless, many people do not know how often should you change your phone accessories so this is why we are here today.

If you were wondering when is it time to change my accessories -and buy accessories we mean anything from ear buds and phone case to

When a company discontinues an accessory

The number one reason why you should change one of your phone accessories is running company has decided to discontinue this item. Manny mobile phone companies such as Apple and Samsung, choose to discontinue some products due to either lack of popularity in sales or some issues that have been reported by the users.

This is usually the case for earbuds, charging cables, Bluetooth accessories whose use did not go as planned so the company is withdrawing them. If the quality of the product is not as high though, we would recommend to change into another company or another type of accessory (from cord to wireless  ear buds for example) so that you will not sacrifice the quality of your accessories.

The best idea to keep track of your favorite products is to research and watch any press conference that your favorite company gives so that you know if they’re planning on discontinuing any products you love. If this is the case, you can order one of your favorite accessories in advance so that you have it in your arms before it discontinues.

Tear and wear if your accessories

The second reason why you should change your accessories is their signs of wear. This goes for any phone cases that have then some scratches all over them and it is not only Address they look but their use too. A phone case with dents on  every corner will not be as effective in protecting your phone when it will fall down on the floor. Silicone cases may look effective but sometimes if their quality is low and cheap they will not protect your phone.

You should invest on a case of good quality that has a lining inside of it to protect your phone from scratches and dents even if it falls off the stairs. Taryn were also goes for your earbuds and charging cords as they are one of the first accessories to show signs of damage. If you’re not taking care of your accessories properly, they will lose their quality and they will stop being effective.

As far as the quality is concerned yeah should choose companies that are known for their quality and testing of their products so that you will not waste your money on products that will not work or will stop being effective after two or three months of use. And example of this case is Apple’scharging cords that are known of being “sensitive” and pretty vulnerable to aggressive use.

When the accessories do not fit your needs anymore

This is another issue that suggests you need to change your phone accessories. Let’s say that you are a student and you are spending your every day just using your earbuds and your phone. When you’re moving to college you will definitely have different needs as far as your phone is concerned. You might have to take the bus or the train for several hours so you are going to need more comfortable earbuds -let’s say Bluetooth for example.

You will also need a power bank so that you never ran out of battery it even if you’re going to be in the university for many hours. If you already own one you might need to upgrade it to apply bang with more mAh so that you will be covered for even a day or two without electricity. This is a great day also for people who love traveling or going camping.

You might also have a simple phone case – thiki kinitou –and after a while you might start exercising or going to the gym. This will require you to change your phone case to something more stable and protective or even a sleeve-case so that you can carry your phone if you’re running outdoors.

When you need a refreshing change

Last but not least, sometimes you have the needs to change things that you were using every day so that you feel refreshed. Most people do this by renewing their wardrobes, changing the arrangement of their houses and apartments or simply go and have professional day off to take care of themselves.

This could happen by changing your phone accessories. Sometimes even just by changing your phone case it might make you feel like you own a new phone. Buying another color of earbuds or another case for them will also make you feel refreshed. And then even let us start with the options you have as far as the design suitcases the materials of them are concerned.

In 2020 you can find pretty much any case you like for your phone and with the low prices that is offering, you will be able to have more than one case so that you can change them according to your mood! And all of these without the need to upgrade your phone!

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