Should I Go Out With Men Who Don’t Know If They Want Kids?

I’ve been adhering to your blog site and information and a short while ago returned to online relationship right after taking a limited break. I’m 35 many years old and went by a divorce a handful of a long time back (no young children), and hope to have kids someday. On the other hand, when I look through through the match area, over 50 percent of the gentlemen there have marked “Unspecified/unsure” under the want-kids group. This is correct regardless of the system (e.g, Match, eHarmony, and so forth). To be crystal clear, the offered decisions are Of course-I-Want-Young children, No-I-Really do not-Want Young children, Unsure/No-choice. For someone like me who wants youngsters (both biologically or via adoption), is it worthy of investing time interacting with adult males who never evidently say they want young children on their profiles? I’ve experienced awkward activities presently wherever I transform down 1st-dates simply because I recognized they mentioned “unspecified” on their profiles. On the one hand, I possibly would not be this “picky” if I meet up with another person in individual at a friend’s evening meal party or other social events. But on the other hand, I genuinely never want to waste time on males who are seemingly ambivalent on this challenge. I’d take pleasure in it if you can share your views on this, thanks!


I’m SO happy you asked this query, Nicole, given that it’s 1 I tackle specifically in Appreciate U and a person that will come up all the time for the higher than explanations.

And, contrary to most of the questions I response, in which I’m attempting to position out a reader’s likely blind spot, I wholly agree with your assessment of the situation.

Here’s how I see it:

There are adult males who definitely, truly want kids like you do. I was a person of them. I constantly required to be a Dad and was normally hunting for a woman who needed to be a Mother. This vision for your mutual foreseeable future is essential mainly because if you are not on the exact page, you are not going to have a great deal of a mutual future.

Then there are men like you explained: probably they now have a kid, it’s possible they are undecided. There is absolutely nothing inherently mistaken with them. Anyone has the appropriate to be bewildered or ambivalent or to want to see if they get motivated by the correct female.

The issue is when a female who understands she needs little ones hitches herself to the educate of the ambivalent guy.

There’s a 50% that if all those two folks fall in enjoy, go in alongside one another and get married, that “unsure/no preference” male will prefer NOT owning children – and she will have unwittingly positioned her fertility on the line for a pipe dream.

So is it doable that the other 50% of adult men DO determine to turn into fathers when they satisfy the suitable female? Absolutely sure.

Is that some thing you want to just take a possibility on as a opportunity mother? Hell, no!

You wouldn’t get on a aircraft that had a 50% chance of landing. Why get on the undecided prepare with a 40-12 months-old person who’s even now figuring out his shit?

You would not get on a airplane that had a 50% chance of landing. Why get on the undecided train with a 40-year-aged person who’s however figuring out his shit?

Adhere exclusively with guys who know they want little ones and you’ll have one particular significantly less detail to fear about when determining if you’re likely to shell out your lifetime jointly.

Relationship is intricate. Really do not make it additional challenging by investing in ambivalent men.

(Exact goes for men who really do not know if they want to get married, by the way!)

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