Other Beautiful Palaces in Mysore Apart from Mysore Palace

Mysore, is the most well known and the second major town in Karnataka. Mysore is one particular of the top places of Karnataka Tourism and also a person of the famous areas of heritage in India.

Normally referred as the Town of Palaces, the royal city continue to retains its outdated planet attraction with its palaces, heritage buildings, traditions and temples. Aside from Mysore Palace, there are lots of lesser recognized but beautiful royal properties distribute throughout the metropolis.

In this article is a checklist of six other gorgeous palaces in Mysore apart from Mysore Palace.


Destinations to pay a visit to in Mysore

Karanji Mansion

Karanji Mansion is just one of the popular palaces situated in Nazarbad Mohalla of Mysore.  The palace was designed in 1902 on an location of 38 acres on an elevated place. It was constructed for Krishnajammanni, a next princess of Mysore. The Mansion is designed working with the Indo-Sarcenic Renaissance style of architecture and includes of stone cleave balconies, cusped arches, carved stone columns and sunshades. This mansion properties the Postal Teaching Institute of the Office of Posts from 1965.


Lalitha Mahal Palace

Lalitha Mahal Palace is a single of the tasteful palaces situated close to Chamundi Hill Road in Mysore. This is the 2nd premier palace in Mysore just after Mysore Palace. The corridors and the corridor have attractive paintings of Mysore rulers and historical situations of the Mysore Kingdom.

The restaurant block is the alluring section with the curved roof and the glass dome at the centre follow stunning architectural interest of the Mysore rulers. It is just one of the superb palaces in South India and one of the top rated vacationer areas in Mysore. Now, the palace is transformed into a 5-star hotel and is preserved by the India Tourist Progress Corporation.


Cheluvamba Mansion

Cheluvamba Mansion is 1 of the magnificent palaces situated on the Mysore- Krishnaraja Sagar road, close to the Mysore Railway Station. The mansion was constructed in 1911 by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV for his 3rd daughter Cheluvajammanni. This mansion is distribute around a large area and is surrounded by gardens like all other palaces in Mysore. The Mansion is wonderfully built and all the rooms have splendid cravings.

But, right now it is house to a leading research institute of the state, The Central Meals Technological Study Institute (CFTRI). Entry to the palace is limited for general community.


Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace is a person of the most gorgeous royal palaces found in the Princely condition of Mysore. It was created in 1861 CE by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III as an alternate retreat for the royal household. The major attraction of the palace is the corridor with wooden doors. These wood doors have wonderful carvings which depict Dashavatara, the 10 incarnations of the Lord Vishnu. On the other palms, the spectacular carvings on the walls of Jaganmohan Palace screen royal heritage, lineage of the Mysore royal family alongside with murals on the Mysore Dussera. 


Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion is a person of the amazing palaces situated on a large ridge in the campus of the College of Mysore. Developed in 1905 by Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar, the palace was initially set in wide estate of 800 acres. The palace has an imposing structure and an similarly extraordinary architecture with significant & intricately carved pillars. The inside decorations of this superb constructing are in a purely Indian fashion.

The highlight of the palace is the kalyana mandapa which is a sq. shaped hall with 40 toes higher glass dome. The Palace is now a portion of the Mysore University and currently houses three museums – Archeology Museum, Folklore Museum and Common Museum.

It is 1 of the greatest spots to experince Mysore Tourism.

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