My Husband Refuses to Have Sex with Me

My spouse and I got married just about 3 several years ago. Since then, I have been absolutely starved of sex and intimacy! My husband is a workaholic and is constantly much too tired for sex. He also looks to have issues preserving an erection.

When I communicate to him about it, he just tells me he’s far too exhausted for sex. He won’t see a health practitioner to see if there is anything he can do/just take to help with this.

It’s now been two several years due to the fact we have had sexual intercourse and I feel like I am dying inside. I experience so neglected and unwelcome. I sense like I have no selections but to suck it up and deal with it or depart.

At 37 years outdated, I simply cannot think about under no circumstances owning intercourse or affection in my lifestyle once more!

But I have a younger daughter and also simply cannot envision tearing my loved ones apart or remaining solitary once again. Is there nearly anything I can do? I sense paralyzed with indecision.


Sorry about your predicament, Amy. It appears brutal.

I have penned about boyfriends who want sexual intercourse less than their girlfriends, and boyfriends who hardly ever want intercourse prior to.

But just after twelve yrs of answering queries on here, the letter that most came to head was this 1: “I Married a Terrific Male. Why Am I So Unhappy?”

Income quote: “He’s extremely, um, hardworking. On weekends, he’s gone by 6 a.m. and does not come residence right until evening meal — from time to time just after. That is Every single weekend.” 

That couple does not have a marriage. That couple has a shared dwelling arrangement.

Seems like you do, too.

I really do not know what pains you have taken to cure this condition. Partners counseling. Day night. Sexual intercourse remedy. Viagra. All I know is that, in any marriage, it can take two to tango.

I never know what pains you’ve taken to solution this problem. Partners counseling. Day night. Sexual intercourse remedy. Viagra. All I know is that, in any partnership, it can take two to tango.

Your partner may possibly be fine going two years devoid of sexual intercourse but if you’re not, you’re heading to have to have to confront your partner. You’re not indignant with him. You’re not attempting to alter him. You are letting him know that you are and will stay that way except if he vows to enhance his intimacy towards you – regardless of how hectic and fatigued he his.

Fantastic husbands want to make their wives satisfied – specifically if the request is sensible.

If your husband, flat out refuses to make an energy, you need to have the braveness to start more than.

I know it might seem irresponsible to say that supplied your marriage vows and the fact that I really don’t know you. But I have had way much too numerous women of all ages convert to me after 25-12 months marriages just like yours – and ALL of them would like they had the guts to prioritize their joy faster.

Being collectively for the kid is a hassle-free (and valid) excuse, but wouldn’t you like to see your daughter lifted in a functional family members with a pleased mom who enjoys her house daily life?

I would.

Do you definitely want to devote your whole grownup lifestyle struggling for the reason that you created just one very poor preference three several years in the past?

I wouldn’t.

When I uncover I’m in a scenario that would make me disappointed, I get out of it Rapidly.

You should really, also.

You are not place on this world to suffer.

You are set on this world to thrive.

If your husband is not aspect of the solution, then he’s section of the difficulty.

Communicate to him, see what he says, and never feel that you’re a lousy individual for owning acceptable desires that need to be fulfilled by your wife or husband. You’re not.








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