My Boyfriend Is A Cuckold Who Wants Me To Sleep With Other Men

I am in a marriage with a fantastic person that I do like pretty much but I’m on the fence.  He needs to marry me and develop outdated with me he states.

Our sexual intercourse life is superb nonetheless he has this sexual fetish and I truly deep down would like he didn’t have it.  You say you comprehend men. Do you recognize what gentlemen Actually want sexually? This is Seriously insane and I don’t have an understanding of it. I’ve attempted. He claims he is monogamous with me but he seriously enjoys the notion of me sleeping with other gentlemen on situation.  For instance, when he can take a excursion snowboarding with his man friends, he likes the notion of me just hooking up with another person for sexual intercourse only, no love connection and then telling him about it when he returns during sex. He receives super aroused by this. Like I claimed, it’s a fetish.

What do I do? Ought to I break things off? Everything else is excellent with him except this. I have not carried out this for him (only in fantasy). It appears remarkable and exciting in fantasy only. For me, flirting and hooking up in actual everyday living feels mistaken.  I really do not want to do it.  Yet, mainly because I really like him so a great deal, I need to please him.  

Do I need to have your course? 


Expensive Raye,

Your boyfriend needs to be a cuckold. 

Your boyfriend would like to be a cuckold.

Cuckolding is a fetish that’s scarce but increasing (as evidenced by a doubling of Google searches for the phrase). 

As with all fetishes, it only performs if you are comfortable with it. And it is not my put to convey to you to get comfortable with it (whilst there are numerous males who would appreciate the equal of a everlasting corridor pass from their wives). 

The intriguing thing about your dilemma, Raye, is that I experience your boyfriend needs additional information than you do.

On 1 hand, you can experiment with this fetish and see how it feels to get sexual satisfaction from anyone other than your boyfriend with no becoming labeled a cheater. 

If you never like it, you can end. If you do like it, you can carry on. 

On the other hand, you can stand your ground and not sleep with any one else. 

That places the ball back in his courtroom: what is additional vital to your boyfriend, to retain YOU delighted or to get his rare sexual fetish achieved by his girlfriend?

Essentially, my guidance is to conduct your self like the CEO fairly than the intern. As an alternative of stressing what’s likely to make him pleased (which does issue), reframe this as to whether acquiring this style of marriage with you helps make YOU happy.

If it does not, then HE is the a person with the significant conclusion to make, not you.

And of course, that CEO way of seeking at the environment is in my Enjoy U program.

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