Is Liquid Eyeliner Really Superior To Pencil?

Welcome back to Position/Counterpoint—everybody’s favorite, intermittent elegance discussion column. Let us have the big conversations: if you are going to use eyeliner, would you fairly use a liquid or a pencil? On 1 side of the aisle is Utibe Mbagwu, ITG’s Social Media Coordinator and lover of all items liquid liner. On the other is Editorial Assistant Ali Oshinsky, who prefers the type you can sharpen and mix. This is Position/Counterpoint. Fists up, folks. We’re about to sling some mud.

Spherical 1: Flexibility

Place, Ali: I will just get correct to it. My major qualm with liquid eyeliner is that I never know what to do with it other than a cat-eye, and cat-eyes… don’t glance very good on me. Or rather, I do not like them on myself. Every make-up artist who’s at any time performed me up has elongated the condition of my eyes, and then I have to explain to them I like it prior to dashing to the lavatory to wash every little thing off. When I do makeup on myself, I like to emphasize their roundness. It just feels additional me. And with liquid liner, I may well make it throughout the spread of my lid but once I get to the end the minor felt tip/dip pot/flexi-brush has me backed into an ocular corner, and the only way out is with a flick. I’m a individual who packs at the very least 3 pairs of sneakers on weekend excursions for the reason that I like choices, so you can see why I’m owning issue with this.

Counterpoint, Utibe: Ali! Ahead of you banish your self from the incredibly stylish entire world of cat eyes, have you viewed this legendary video clip from Michelle Phan? The alternatives of what you can do with liquid liner are limitless, from Glossier ‘baby flick’ to Amy Winehouse wing. I are unable to acknowledge that you’ve attempted just about every distinctive kind of cat eye and hated them all–have you tried swapping out black for a pure brown? I personally feel you’d be into earning your experience into a neon, minimalist operate of line-art. Liquid liners are inspiring—you can categorical on your own with them. With the suitable technique, you can make anything, even liquid eyeliners, come to feel like you. You now know how to do it, much too. Liquid liners are functional. Pencils, not so a great deal.


Spherical 2: Don

Point, Utibe: Why not select the eyeliner that basically gets the occupation done? And by that I suggest, remain place, resist fading, and exhibit up on your eyelids no make a difference how dry or moisturized they may perhaps be. The eyeliner I use have to make my attractive brown eyes immediately brighter, or what is the place? Liquid eyeliners are normally up for the process, additionally you will not require to lug all-around a mechanical pencil sharpener in your bag like it is the 3rd grade. Ali, I’m developed!

Counterpoint, Ali: Okay, I’m willing to acknowledge that sharpeners are clunky and usually explode. Plus, certain, maybe liquid liners have a longwear name for a explanation. But, what occurs when they keep where you really don’t want them? What if you utilize your wing, and without even thinking, get a superior, challenging blink. What then? I’ll notify you what: you have got a 50 percent-moon shape on the wrinkle previously mentioned your crease for the rest of the afternoon. Liquid liners may perhaps remain for a longer time, but I cannot be convinced they dress in as very well as pencil. They’ve been identified to flake, or transfer—I’d get an suave smudge of pigment that just disappears in excess of a 4PM why didn’t anybody explain to me I appeared like this stress assault in the communal perform rest room. Just sayin’.


Spherical 3: Ease Of Application

Place, Ali: At the conclude of the working day, I’m worn out, you are tired—can’t we just concur on which eyeliner is least complicated? It is pencil, of course. I would say I have a constant hand, and even I have difficulties using liquid liner just about every now and then. It’s just far too messy, too uncontrollable, much too…liquidy. Whereas a pencil—old college as it could possibly be, I’ve bought that factor (virtually) below my thumb. You will not have to wait around for it to set, which is why you can use a pencil in your waterline and not a liquid. (Utibe, have you ever flipped up your major lid and tightlined your upper waterline? Your lashes search quickly thicker, and you do not even require mascara—it’s life-changing.) As well as, past remaining place wherever you place it, a pencil is forgiving. So, even if your palms have a little shake to ‘em, you do not have to get about the double trauma of not remaining able to accomplish operation as a job and not becoming able to apply eyeliner at 7AM. If the line’s not best, pish posh! Who cares! You just cannot even convey to! And if you can notify, just smudge it out until finally it appears to be beautifully imperfect in that great, comfortable, slept-in variety of way. You cannot convey to me you can get the task performed more quickly with a liquid.

Counterpoint: Utibe: Certain, I’ll admit liquid liners can be drippy. But for each and every liquid eyeliner that’s way too messy, there is a pencil liner creating tugged, semi-opaque dashes across my eyelid. Not even a pair levels of mascara can resolve that. However, I hear what you’re declaring about management, and to that I say: It’s all in the head and, far more importantly, the brush. Wobbly hands really should keep significantly absent from inkwell and sponge brushes and head straight for liquid liners with a felt or brush idea. The liquid liners that have attained holy grail position for me have a versatile brush and a never-dull idea to hug my lash line and draw the best flick without the need of headache. Of study course, superior issues really do not arrive quick, and there is a discovering curve. A Scotch Tape or some spare Q-strategies make fantastic coaching wheels for the liquid-averse. And then, maintain going! Quickly you are going to reach that otherworldly feat of acing your liquid liner application the initially time by, and you will get around the world. Isn’t that what attractiveness is all about?

So, who gained this time? Let us go on in the remarks.

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