Finland: Bucket List of the Most Beautiful Views in Ruka-Kuusamo

Kuusamo is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and character photographers. It is whole of lovely locations in the nationwide parks, on the Lappish fells and at the banking institutions of the wildly roaring rivers.


Here is your bucket listing to the prettiest spots!

Valtavaara fell

There are no true mountains in Finland, but it is even now far from staying flat either! Finnish mini mountains are referred to as fells (“vaara” or “tunturi in Finnish). A person of the best fells in Kuusamo is Valtavaara, positioned close to popular Ruka Ski Resort. An previous hearth guard’s hut on leading of Valtavaara provides the most spectacular views to all instructions. 

A single of the most popular long mountaineering trails in Finland, 80 km extensive Karhunkierros Path, goes by means of the top of Valtavaara on its way to the ending stage at Ruka. Each and every May possibly countless numbers of path runners hurry by means of Valtavaara even though competing in NUTS Karhunkierros Trail Operate, working 30-160 km nearly non-end. Relying on the varying spring weather conditions and snow situations, their conquest is carried out in both warm sunshine with consider toes or by way of piles of snow and puddles of swamp water. You just have to acquire your hat off to these adventurous athletes!

Valtavaara is a great put to go to about the yr. There’s a 5 km snowshoe path and a 6 km hike trail from the closest parking lot to the major of Valtavaara and back again. The hut at the top functions as a shelter to hikers and there are also a pair of campfire sites along the path. You might also spot scarce birds such as Pink-flanked Bluetrail alongside the path to Valtavaara. 


Konttainen fell

Konttainen fell is section of the fell selection shaped by Pyhävaara, Rukatunturi, Valtavaara, Konttainen and Kumpuvaara, remnants of the ancient Svekokarelid Mountains. Only the toughest rock styles at the foot of the mountains have remained right up until this date. As the rock bed in the region is calciferous and the area’s microclimate is incredibly moist, vegetation is astonishingly lush and flexible. The combine of northern and southern species is exclusive in just Finland.

Konttainen is a common place for photographing sunrises and sunsets owing to an uncomplicated and brief 2 km hike to the major of the fell and of training course thanks to the great views 1 can admire at the leading in the direction of Riisitunturi fell and Kitka lakes. 

The parking spot at the foot of Konttainen is also a common site for recognizing and photographing Siberian Jays though handfeeding them. 


Päähkänäkallio cliff at Oulanka National Park

Finns are generally very precise with names, but for some odd rationale they do not seem to be in a position to resolved how to contact this cliff. Päähkänäkallio, Pähkänäkallio, Päähkänänkallio, Pähkänänkallio… However, the check out from the edge of the cliff is one particular of the most instagrammable places in Lapland 12 months round.  The winding river with lush, eco-friendly banking companies and untouched forests charms during summer season. The altering visual appeal of the trees alongside the river build a wonderful mosaic if hues in autumn. Winter season surroundings alongside the river is a calming blend of the distinctive shades of white and grey. 

Päähkänäkallio location is to some degree tough to access except you are geared up to travel together small forest streets or hike together the 80 km lengthy Karhunkierros Path. But this area is surely value checking out! There are no railings at the edge of the cliff and people are recommended to remain far away from the edge because of to the crumbling rock mattress, so be watchful out there! 


Pyhävaara fell

“Pyhä” signifies sacred or holy, and it is recognised that Pyhävaara has been a sacred position for Sami individuals, the indigenous folks of the north. Until eventually yr 1830, a sacred stone identified as “seita” was situated in the top rated of Pyhävaara. Pyhävaara is made up of two peaks and because of to the susceptible nature and the historical Sami websites accessibility is only authorized to the lower Pikku-Pyhävaara peak. 

Pyhävaara is situated in the vicinity of Ruka Ski Vacation resort and is a well-known day path hike place for friends close to the year. A well known ski trail goes by Pikku-Pyhävaara peak. Hold in brain even though that Finns are born with skis (at minimum in Lapland) so we suggest providing a go for some easier trails just before making an attempt to conquer Pyhävaara. You may well also take into consideration wheels more than skis for admiring the snow topped trees, due to the fact Pyhävaara can be accessed with electric fatbikes through winter.  


Myllykoski quick at Oulanka Countrywide Park

Kitka river in Oulanka Nationwide Park has many terrific site for admiring whitewaters. Myllykoski is just one of the most well-known places due an uncomplicated 1 km hike to the edge of the river around on previous mill. Myllykoski is also located together Pieni Karhunkierros Path, one of the most well known daytrip trails in Kuusamo. This area is so preferred you don’t even have to have snowshoes to obtain the spot during winter season. And owing to its reputation it tends to get a bit crowded in the course of June-August. 

Part of the level of popularity is the probability to get pretty close to the water at the wooden deck future to the mill and on the hanging bridge leading hikers more than the rapid. If you are aiming to hike the whole 12 km extended Pieni Karhunkierros Path, you need to cross around four hanging bridges. The bridges are perfectly-preserved and risk-free to cross, but they may bring about some chills if you are suffering of fear of heights. 


Värikallio rock paintings at Hossa National Park

Hossa is positioned in Southern Kuusamo, a little bit around an hour’s drive from Ruka village. Värikallio is composed of 60 different rock paintings and it is the biggest assortment of prehistoric rock paintings in Finland. The cliff by itself is a steep wall rising from Somerjärvi lake and the paintings have to have been created either from a boat or by going for walks on ice in the course of wintertime. Rock paintings are appr. 3500-4500 years outdated. 

We can only guess the motives the historic people have had for building Värikallio rock paintings. Hossa made use of to be a junction for h2o routes so the paintings may have been employed for marking a route or describing gatherings. The pics in rock paintings can also be joined to hunting magic and the painted rock partitions can also have functioned as cult locations of shamanic worship. Pics may well also have been painted in get to warranty fertility, because several of the human figures portrayed in Värikallio could be females, some of them in labor. 

Värikallio rock paintings are various from the other prehistoric paintings in Finland considering that the small, stick-like elk figures are not basically known in other places, and the human figure with a triangle-shaped head, eyes and nose is special. The lack of boat pics is also exceptional. All of the images uncovered in Finland courting from the Stone Age have been painted (there are no drawings engraved in rock). Crimson and yellow ochre – attained by heating iron-bearing clay – have been utilized as coloring brokers, and blood, grease or egg yolk as the mixing agent. 


Ikkunalampi pond at Riisitunturi Nationwide Park

A single of the most enchanting summer season sights at Riisitunturi is Ikkunalampi pond that appears to be hanging on the edge of the hill. It is an infinite pool developed by mother nature at the edge of a hanging bog. Commonly bogs are fashioned in organic depressions in which water gathers, providing a expansion system to peat moss. The plentiful precipitation and slender soil of the Riisitunturi spot help bogs to surface even on steep slopes. Riisitunturi’s western slopes are protected by Finland’s most outstanding and also some of the world’s steepest hanging bogs. In addition to its bogs, Riisitunturi is also a well known location for photographing gradual-loaded trees throughout the wintertime. 


Kiutaköngäs immediate

Kiutaköngäs is one particular of the most well-known whitewaters in Finland primarily because of to its measurement and length and the impressive pink rock wall at the qualifications of the quick. Very well-marked, quick trail qualified prospects all the way to the roaring stream. The spring flooding of Oulanka river is a remarkable sight. Throughout wintertime freezing temperatures develop an incredible bridge of snow and ice on leading of the immediate.

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