Does Your Dog Use The Curly Girl Method?

In the previous yr I’ve adopted the Instagram playbook of how to make my world a tiny less grim: I planted an herb back garden, procured (and subsequently killed) a sourdough starter, dialed up my volunteer hours, and acquired a style for the great artwork category recognised as Tiktok. I also acquired an 8 pound-and-counting, 4-legged bundle of mischief and pleasure. His name is Puff.

Puff is a cavapoo, which indicates he is element Cavalier King Charles spaniel and section poodle, which means he has curly hair. Nicely, form of curly hair? Let’s call it a 2C or 3A curl pattern at most. And even now, it was ample for our vet to urgently advise me to check with “how to groom poodle hair” movies on YouTube forward of Puff’s initially pay a visit to, since, as she set it, “it’s a system and not as simple as you’d assume!”

I did not know what I’d locate in these videos—ultra exact brush actions? some scissor action? intricate finger detangling?—but I imagined it would not be entertaining. And then, as I watched online video soon after video clip, the real truth commenced to crystalize: Oh God, my dog’s hair schedule is primarily the exact as mine.

As with human curlsJust like me, the principal nemesis for poodle hair is tangles—poodles get additional of them than canines with straight fur. (Pleasurable point: poodles do not have fur at all, just hair, so their coats are smoother and much less possible to shed.) So as a lifelong proprietor of a set of tighter, extra knot-inclined curls, the poodle grooming appeared blissfully simple, even primary to me.

Puff’s hair regime starts off with the lick mat that I go over in peanut butter, freeze for 20 minutes or so, and then connect to the aspect of the bathtub so he is distracted in the course of the total approach (Tiktok taught me!) Then I give him a superior rinse, followed by a lather of Malin + Goetz’s pet shampoo (presently out of inventory everywhere, but not discontinued). After these paws are appropriately cleaned and rinsed, I go straight to the conditioner. Pet dog conditioner is more difficult to come across than shampoo, but for Puff it is non-negotiable—I need it to detangle! Chi’s Keratin Dog Conditioner is my instrument of option. It smells floral but not cloying, and the scent keeps for times, inspite of Puff’s most effective attempts if not. It also smooths his hairs to feather-like softness, and retains it shiny, like CGI in a shampoo professional. Have I experimented with it for myself? No, but it is not off the desk.

Though the conditioner soaks in for 5 minutes and Puff goes to town on his peanut butter, I comb his coat with a vast-tooth comb. He will get a rinse following that, and then he’s dried off in a towel (“A microfiber towel?” Ali Oshinsky requested me. My solution: “No, but which is a very good notion.”)

The upcoming stop is less than the dryer, which is a two-human being, 1 canine ordeal, where by my partner holds Puff while I dry and brush his hair concurrently. The blow dryer addition is utilitarian Puff hates to be wet, which is a thing our neighbor not long ago pointed out as I carried him on his 1st “walk” (Neighbor: “Poodle will not want to get his ft soaked! [insert a guttural laugh loud enough to wake the dead].”) The blow dryer procedure straightens his hair a tiny little bit, but the curls are inclined to snap back again after a working day. And in among his two times month to month washes, Puff will get combed a great deal, as in a couple occasions a week, all in an effort and hard work to keep knots and tangles at bay. It is not foolproof no curly regimen is. But that Puff’s nailed this schedule down right before his to start with birthday? He’s already got a leg up on me.

—Ashley Weatherford

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