Do I need a visa for Iran? And how hard is to get a visa?

Whether or not you need to have Iran visa depends on where by you are from and exactly where you are travelling to. Citizens of all around 60 nations do not require a visa to enter Iran for travelling uses for a variety of amounts of situations.

Most other countries citizens can get Iran visa on arrival from most of the important airports in Iran, even though for peace of head they can also implement for visas beforehand.  Visas on arrival for most countries only allow for for a continue to be of 15 days. For US and Canadian citizens due to deficiency of any consular services in Iran, will have to have prior approval of an itinerary and tour operator ahead of making use of for a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Most tour businesses will take treatment of this for you. No citizens of Israel are permitted to journey to Iran. People who have an Israeli stamp in their passport will also be denied entry. All citizens apart from for Israeli can vacation to Kish Island, a popular tourist island, without a visa for up to two months.

Due to the fact Iran visa specifications are subject matter to rather regular improve, it is finest for absolutely everyone to contact Iranian consular or embassies in their personal place to discover out what is demanded before entry.

Most visas will be authorised in two to three months. Most folks come across it fairly quick if right information is given. Nonetheless, it is best to allow for a great deal of time just before applying.

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