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Unique experiences you will live in Santorini

Find at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours.  One of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and around the world offers ideal options to enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Santorini for the sunset

One of the most famous couple islands in the country, not to mention the world. If you have the budget, take your favorite and travel to Santorini. A little of the picturesque alleys, a little of the sunset of Oia, a little of the beaches with black sand due to the volcano, make the landscape enchanting and very erotic.

If you do not have a problem with the crowds, because in Santorini there is a loss of tourists from many foreign countries then you will definitely have a good time. Also, do not be cautious and are afraid to go to Santorini since there is the saying “any couple who goes to Santorini, gets married or divorces”. Make sure you have a good time, take your dips in the “Red Beach” and you will surely remember this vacation for years.


The settlement of Oia is without a doubt the most romantic part of the island and one of the most photographed places in Greece. As touristy as it sounds to you, the sunset in Oia with the Caldera in the background is a unique spectacle that you must see even once in your life.

The walk on the edge of the Caldera

You will need about three hours to cross the path that connects Fira with Oia, passing through Imerovigli, and to explore the wild beauty of the Caldera. The view is truly breathtaking, the road is passable and you will meet several small churches along the way, bathed in Cycladic light. At ten kilometers of the trail you will feel acrobatics on the eyebrow of the Caldera, while the volcano opposite you will monopolize your interest.

The dives on the volcanic beaches

It is true that in no beach in Santorini the landscape is repeated. Each beach has something of its own. In Vlychada the volcanic rocks seem to be sculpted. The famous Red Beach is named after the red volcanic rock that gives it a special morphology.

If you are surfing, Baxedes with black volcanic sand will reward you. The White beach is just as impressive as the black sand “ties” with the white rock. And finally, in Palia Kameni, in the bay of Agios Nikolaos you will reach by boat and you will find yellow-green warm waters, while the island is already impressive as it came from the volcanic eruption.

The visit to Ancient Thira

Of special historical value, Ancient Thira testifies to the rich history of the island. It was founded by Dorian settlers in the 8th century BC, on the hill Mesa Vouno on the southeast coast of the island and flourished during the Archaic and Hellenistic periods.

In Roman times the city continued to grow at a not so fast pace, the early Christian years found it in decline, while near the 8th century AD. ceased to be permanently inhabited. Enjoying the view you will understand why this was the only urban settlement on the island for many years.

 The sunset in Pyrgos

If you do not see the sunset in Santorini, it is as if you have never visited it. However, for the initiates, the best sunset will be enjoyed in Pyrgos, the old capital of the island, away from the bustling Oia where you will have to be very lucky to find a good place to sit, due to the crowds.

In Pyrgos, which in recent years has developed into a meeting point for sophisticated travelers, the sunset becomes even more imposing precisely because of the location of the old medieval settlement, from which you will see the whole island stretching in front of you.

From the top islands of the Mediterranean, they really visit it from every corner of the earth, to enjoy its unique natural beauty. Santorini, the southernmost island of the Cyclades, stands out for its volcanic landscape with its reddish and black shades, the white houses built on the edge of the Caldera that seem to hover at the edge of the cliff and above all for its incomparable beauty.

Santorini could be described as the ultimate island, because it is unique in the world. It is therefore the perfect setting for the most perfect vacation, while she knows very well how to seduce her visitor, offering him unforgettable moments. Discover what makes thousands of people dream of traveling to Santorini and visit it to live four unique experiences.

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Why Merino Wool Clothing is Ideal for Traveling

If you’re a traveller, you need to consider Merino wool clothing. Whether jet setting in cities or hiking outdoors, staying active is simple when wearing merino clothes.

Merino wool clothes are some of the best travel clothes, for all kinds of travelers. They’re great for layering and keep you both warm and cool depending on the climate – amongst many other benefits!

Keep on reading to find out why Merino wool clothing for travel is so helpful for any traveller – plus, where to get some of the best merino wool clothes. 

What is Merino wool

Merino wool is obtained from Merino sheep and is of high quality, with many unique properties. 

Merino clothes are known for their softness, breathability, adaptability, and elasticity. It’s also not scratchy like other wool types. These are just some of the reasons why merino wool clothing for travel is so popular! 

The review of Merino wool t-shirts and Travel Hoodie

My mom was importing high quality wool and sold it in Germany. Through her I knew that Merino wool is more special than other wool types.

But so far wool jumpers weren’t my favorite clothing. The main reason is that it’s not smart to wash and dry them with the rest of your clothes, which can happen too quickly with me.

On the other hand, knowing the quality of Merino wool, I was actually looking forward to test it myself.

Is it worth the price? Would it hold up to my expectations?

I just needed the right shirt.

Last week I received a Merino t-shirt, a polo shirt & the Compact Travel Hoodie from Unbound Merino, which send those three products without charge to try & test them. And I can tell you, if I wouldn’t like them, this article would not be existing.

So my first impression was: “Nice! They look and feel good.” When my wife saw them she said: “Oh, they are so soft. Is there one for me?”

Obviously I tried them on right away and I expected that they would scratch badly. No they didn’t. Yes, I could feel of course the different to a normal cotton shirt. It’s just a different level of quality. And that tiny scratch, which was existing, disappeared after washing them.

I tried them on and my son’s feedback to the polo was: “You look like you want to do business. I like the Hoodie one most.”

All three fitted right away, looked and felt good. And now I know which one I’ll wear at the next business trip.

So far so good, but nothing unexpected compared to other shirts and pullovers.

Merino brands and retailers say that they are great travel products, as they don’t wrinkle and smell so quickly. Let’s test exactly this! The question is, how will the t-shirt and I smell after wearing them a couple of days.

Usually you change the t-shirt daily. Now I’m wearing mine for 4 days. It’s late summer, the weather is good and I’ve been outside for most of the time, wearing the t-shirt. And so far nobody in the family complained.

In case they were just polite, I’ll go a step further…

My son will have to give his feedback and smell at the t-shirt, which I wore 7 days without washing.

I’ll add an update and provide you with his feedback here soon.

History of Merino wool clothes

We’ve been using Merino wool for centuries, as merino wool sheep were first bred in Spain and eventually moved to Australia in the 18th century. It was later in Australia where sheep farmers improved the wool quality drastically through selective breeding. 

In the fashion world, Merino clothes became popular in the 1920s with Coco Chanel’s first fine wool jersey dress. Today, wool has become more prevalent in fashion and agriculture, and many different types are available. Australia and New Zealand are still major producers of Merino wool globally.

What’s so great about traveling with Merino wool clothing?

Merino wool clothes should be at the top of your packing list because it’s as close to ‘magic’ as you’re going to get. 

After testing them, let’s go into more detail.

Firstly, you can pack fewer clothes if you choose Merino wool travel clothing, as Merino wool is lightweight. The ‘magic’ happens as its fibres change depending on the temperature. When it’s cool, the wool fibres crimp and bend to trap in air, which will insulate you. In warm weather, Merino wool wipes sweat away quickly from your skin, helping you keep cool and dry. 

Secondly, merino wool clothes are known for being wrinkle-resistant and elastic. They’ll look good after many years, as long as you are taking care of them. Merino is also antimicrobial by nature, meaning it’s odour-resistant, so you don’t need to wash them as often as other clothing. 

Thirdly, you should know that merino wool travel clothing can help provides natural UV protection against the sun. Merino wool clothing has an Ultraviolet Protection Rating of around 40+, which is higher than cotton clothing that only has a score of 5. This rating means that Merino wool can block approximately 97% of UV rays from your skin.

Additionally, you should know that Merino wool is a sustainable material. Merino is a natural and environmentally friendly fibre, it’s also biodegradable and will disintegrate into the earth in about 1-5 years.

Finally, if you’re a hiker, you need Merino wool clothing for your next adventure – it’s the ultimate addition to your hiking gear.

Having a solid base layer for your hike is essential to keep your body temperature in balance, which is where Merino wool travel clothing truly shines. Due to its breathable and natural fibres, Merino wool is a recommended base layer as it is odour-resistant, quick-drying and soft. Its lightness pairs well with heavy jackets and overshirts in cold weather, and it works well on its own in warm weather.

Merino wool clothes for travel
Merino wool clothes for travel – Deposit Photos

Where to buy Merino Wool clothing

Some of the top Merino wool clothing brands include: 

Merino Wool t-shirts

Choosing a merino wool t-shirt is an excellent idea because they’re simple yet stylish and will feel silky smooth on your skin. They’re suited for any activity you may encounter on your travels, whether backpacking through the city, going on a business trip or trekking on an adventure. Merino wool clothing for travel is naturally fast drying, too.

Here are a few great Merino wool t-shirts for men and women:

Unbound Merino t-shirt
Unbound Merino t-shirt

Merino Wool travel shirts (button-up)

Merino wool travel shirts are an ideal travel companion. You can dress them up or down for any occasion, whether you’re going hiking or having a fancy dinner out on the town. Their lightweight material won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Unbound Merino button shirt
Unbound Merino button shirt

Merino Wool long sleeve t-shirts

Wearing a merino wool t-shirt with long sleeves is perfect for the traveller on the go. They’ll work for any occasion. Long sleeve t-shirts are ideal as a warming base layer for hikes but are also suited for casual wear due to their elasticity and anti-wrinkle properties.

Unbound Merino long sleeve shirt
Unbound Merino long sleeve shirt

Merino Wool hoodies

A merino wool hoodie is a classic outerwear choice. It has enough comfort for daily travels and offers temperature-sensitive fibres that will keep you warm in cold weather. They’re also incredibly soft and will not scratch your skin like other wool types. 

Unbound Merino sweater
Unbound Merino sweater

Merino Wool underwear

Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking, and this can help it pull away sweat from your body, which could keep you drier than regular cotton underwear. It is antimicrobial, bacteria and odour resistant, so you will feel fresher for longer with merino clothes. 

Unbound Merino boxers
Unbound Merino boxers

Merino Wool socks

Socks are perhaps the most popular merino wool travel clothing. They can protect your feet from a full day of walking on a hike or around a big city as they offer warmth and superior moisture management thanks to the Merino wool fibres. Some merino wool socks brands offer cushioned soles for added support.

Unbound Merino socks
Unbound Merino socks

Merino Wool travel dresses

Merino wool clothing for travel, such as a travel dress, offers superior comfort and quality. Merino wool clothing has excellent stretch thanks to its high elasticity, making merino dresses the ideal choice for any activity, whether travelling or working.

Smartwool travel dress
Smartwool travel dress

Merino Wool leggings

Merino wool leggings are an excellent choice for travelling. They offer unmistakable softness and natural odour control, so you could have a full day’s hike on a mountain and still feel fresh. The elasticity of merino wool clothes makes a difference and acts as a second skin, offering an extensive range of movement. The wool’s thermoregulation helps keep your body feeling cool when working out and warm when the weather is cold. 

MERIWOOL leggings
MERIWOOL leggings

Merino Wool accessories

Merino wool accessories, such as beanies, gloves, buffs and scarves, are a great way to stay toasty. Merino wool clothing has natural thermoregulating properties, meaning you will stay warm in cold weather.

How to care for Merino Wool while traveling

We know that cleaning your clothing is the last thing on your mind while travelling.

The first step to take care of your merino wool clothing is to check your clothing’s labels. Most brands include recommendations for washing, such as suggesting to wash a merino wool t-shirt after every 10-20 wears. Generally, merino clothes can last longer between washes.  

If you have limited access to facilities while travelling, you can hand wash your merino wool clothing in the sink. Turn the clothes inside out and use warm (but not hot) water with a neutral soap, with a pH level of around 7. Do not use fabric softener, as this can negatively impact the moisture-wicking properties of the wool. 

You can leave your merino wool clothing to soak for up to 15 minutes, then rinse and lay it flat to dry to help it keep its shape. You can also hang your clothes, and you should be fine.

The best long-term travel clothes

If you are an avid traveller or simply want more high-quality, sustainable clothing to add to your collection, merino clothes are a perfect match.

Merino wool is renowned for its elasticity, anti-wrinkling, thermoregulating and anti-odour properties, meaning it will look good and stay fresh for longer than other materials. 

Merino wool clothing for travel is also one of the softest wools available and will not scratch or irritate your skin. We highly recommend picking up a few merino basics – your suitcase will thank you on your next trip, as merino is lightweight and won’t take up too much room!

Whether you’re after a versatile merino wool t-shirt or warm merino hoodie, we think you’ll enjoy the luxurious feeling of merino no matter where you’re going. 

Looking for more tips on sustainable travel? Check out these posts:

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Where to Stay in Cinque Terre, Italy

Are you looking at staying in Cinque Terre on your next trip to Italy? Between the historic villages, clear waters, private bays and fantastic landscape, we highly recommend visiting the region if you happen to be near the Mediterranean sea in Northern Italy.

One thing you’ll need to decide is where to stay in the area. Are you looking for a Cinque Terre camping experience, or do you prefer glamorous Cinque Terre hotels? What about a sleek apartment or Cinque Terre hostel?

We’ll help you decide where to visit while staying in Cinque Terre, including some of the most popular regions and different kinds of accommodation. 

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Where to Stay in the Cinque Terre: Vernazza and Corniglia 

Here are some of the most popular options to consider when staying in Cinque Terre, Italy. 


Vernazza is one of the five villages that comprise the Cinque Terre region in Italy. This fishing village set amongst the Italian Riviera is the only natural port of the area, and you can expect to see exquisite houses while visiting.

Cinque Terre hotels in Vernazza – Hotel Gianni Franzi

Hotel Gianni Franzi is located just below the Doria Castle and features three main buildings. Each room includes terracotta flooring, rustic decor, private bathrooms, free wifi and beautiful views of the Ligurian Sea. There’s a sandy beach just a few steps from the hotel, and the train station is near. You will find this proximity to the sea rings true for most Cinque Terre hotels.

Book your stay at Hotel Gianni Franzi 

Cinque Terre hotels in Vernazza – Hotel Gianni Franzi

Budget accommodation – Affittacamere Graziella 

Located within Cinque Terre National Park, Affittacamere Graziella is a bed-and-breakfast nestled within the countryside. Located 8km away from both Vernazza and Monterosso Al Mare, each room includes a private bathroom, satellite tv and a breakfast buffet at a great price.

There are many room types to choose from, including studio or larger apartments or hostel rooms to suit your budget. This Cinque Terre hostel offers good value for money.

Book your stay at Affittacamere Graziella

Affittacamere Graziella budget accommodation in Cinque Terre
Affittacamere Graziella

Cinque Terre Apartment – Lassu Apartment with View

If you’re after a ‘home away from home’, Lassu Apartment is perfect for you. Featuring a terrace overlooking the ocean, air conditioning, free wifi and proximity to Vernazza beach, you’re all set to have a relaxing visit here.

This Cinque Terre apartment includes two double bedrooms and ample dining and living space to enjoy. With charming decor and every necessity catered for, you’ll never want to leave!

Book your stay at Lassu Apartment

Lassu apartment in Cinque Terre
Lassu apartment

Luxury Stays – The Sunset Suite Vernazza

Are you looking for a romantic, luxury getaway with a loved one? The Sunset Suite is a perfect choice. This modern, clean apartment boasts some of the best views in the whole of the city of Vernazza, rivalling some of the top Cinque Terre hotels! 

Enjoy sweeping views from the terrace, a 60-meter walk to the nearest train station, air conditioning and daily housekeeping facilities in this sleek apartment, equipped with modern finishes.

Book your stay at The Sunset Suite Vernazza

The Sunset Suite Vernazza
The Sunset Suite Vernazza


Corniglia is a hamlet located within Vernazza. It is one of the smallest villages in the region, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. 

Cinque Terre Hotels in Corniglia – Locanda Il Carugio 

Locanda Il Carugio is one of the newest Cinque Terre Hotels and offers sleek design coupled with comfort. You can expect to find a rooftop terrace, modern restaurant, and ample common areas. Many rooms include a balcony for private outdoor dining. 

Book your stay at Locanda Il Carugio 

Locanda Il Carugio in Cinque Terre
Locanda Il Carugio

Budget Accommodation – Ostello Corniglia Hostel

If you want to experience Corniglia on a budget, look no further than Ostello Corniglia, a true Cinque Terre hostel. Its close location to Vernazza beach, affordable room options, free wifi and shared amenities would be perfect for a solo traveller. You can also expect a daily continental breakfast during your stay.

Book your stay at Ostello Corniglia Hostel

Ostello Cornigia Hostel
Ostello Cornigia Hostel

Corniglia Apartment – Residenza Solferino

Residenza Solferino is a secluded yet comfortable stay that won’t break the bank. 

Located in the middle of the Cinque Terre, this renovated and clean apartment is spacious. It features a private inner courtyard that keeps the condo quiet despite being on a busy street. This apartment offers a nice change from staying at Cinque Terre hotels.

Book your stay at Residenza Solferino

Residenza Solferino in Cinque Terre
Residenza Solferino

Where to Stay in the Cinque Terre: Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is part of the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Italy and is separated into two parts: the ‘old town and the ‘new’ town. This village has the most extensive beaches of the Cinque Terre towns and has become a popular international tourist destination. 

The area is also known for its expanse of lemon trees and top-quality white wines, olives and grapes. 

Cinque Terre hotels in Monterosso – Hotel Marina

Hotel Marina is just a few steps away from the beach in Monterosso. It’s also located in the Cinque Terre national park and includes garden access for each guest. You can expect modern luxury decor with exposed stone brick finishes and country-style furnishings. Most visitors enjoy the breakfast treats part of the package, including cakes, freshly baked loaves of bread, and fresh juices.

Book your stay at Hotel Marina   

Hotel Marina
Hotel Marina

Cinque Terre Camping in Monterosso – Area Sosta Camper Il Poggio Campground 

If you’re more of an adventurous person, you might enjoy camping in Monterosso on a budget. This campground offers electricity, drinking water, and shuttle service for guests. It’s set within the Cinque Terre national park, known for its tranquillity and prime location. 

Book your stay at the campground

Cinque Terre Camping in Monterosso - Area Sosta Camper Il Poggio Campground 
Cinque Terre Camping in Monterosso – Area Sosta Camper Il Poggio Campground 

Apartment in Monterosso – LungoMareNostro

Lungo Mare Nostro, meaning sky, sea and sand, is a beach-themed apartment on the Monterosso seafront. This charming apartment is furnished with blue touches throughout and offers a small balcony overlooking the sea, with fantastic views of Palmaria and Punta Mesco. 

Book your stay at LungoMareNostro


Luxury Stays – La Casa del Gigante Luxury Collection 

La Casa del Gigante is one of the most unique finds in Monterosso. This large villa is situated right on the Fegina beach. This two-bedroom villa offers modern finishes combined with rustic stone walls to provide a truly rare, castle-like stay, complete with a massive window overlooking the beach in the villa’s dining room. 

Where to Stay in the Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore and Manarola

These two villages are must-sees when staying in Cinque Terre, Italy. 


Riomaggiore is the first village of the Cinque Terre in Liguria, Italy. It is uniquely located in a small valley. It is the most southern village of all the Cinque Terre locations.

Budget accommodation – Scaglie di Mare Apartment 

This cost-effective apartment is in the historic centre of Riomaggiore. It offers a beautiful view over the sea and village and has one full bedroom with an optional sleeper couch. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy many evening dinners on the terrace of this well-maintained apartment. The apartment is accessible from the pedestrian path at the railway station in the village.

Book your stay at Scaglie di Mare Apartment

Scaglie di Mare Apartment
Scaglie di Mare Apartment

Cinque Terre Hotels in Riomaggiore – Scorci di Mare

Scorci di Mare is a seaside hotel in Riomaggiore. It offers daily housekeeping services, free wifi, and is only a few meters away from public transport. 

There are many different room configurations to suit your budget. Some of the premium room options include a beautiful view of the ocean, as well as terraces for private dining.

Book your stay at Scorci di Mare

Scorci Di Mare
Scorci Di Mare

Cinque Terre Apartment – Al Castello Apartment 

Al Castello is a private apartment located near Canneto beach in Riomaggiore. This apartment is centrally located in the centre of the village, and attractions are just a short walk away. Its prize feature is its massive rooftop terrace with sea and city views. It also features every amenity you may need.

Book your stay at Al Castello Apartment 

Al castello
Al castello


Manarola is a small town within Riomaggiore. It is the second smallest village of the Cinque Terre villages and offers a secluded experience.

Budget Cinque Terre Apartment – Le Coste by Arbaspàa

Le Coste is a collection of small eco-friendly apartments within Manarola. It is near the Via dell’Amore path, and each unit features a modern design with energy-efficient features. 

Guests enjoy this apartment collection because of its brightness, cleanliness, and proximity to the centre of the village. Some units include a balcony or terrace, but budget options are also available.

Book your stay at Le Coste by Arbaspàa

Le Coste by Arbaspaa
Le Coste by Arbaspaa

Cinque Terre hotels in Manarola – Hotel Marina Piccola

Hotel Marina Piccola is in the centre of Manarola. This beachside hotel offers some rooms with balconies that overlook the sea. Regarding its interior, this apartment includes modern finishings coupled with comfortable, spacious rooms.

Guests enjoy the continental breakfast, friendly staff, and close location to most attractions in town. There are a variety of different room types to fit many budgets.

Book your stay at Hotel Marina Piccola

Hotel Marina Piccola
Hotel Marina Piccola

Luxury Guest House – L’Attico Giallo Oro di Giulia 

If you prefer a private guest house with luxury finishes, L’Attico Giallo Oro di Giulia is a perfect choice. This two-bedroom house includes the ultimate sunbathing terrace for your lounging pleasure, complete with sea and hill views.  

The interior finishes are modern and elegant complete with brand new appliances, while the house’s exterior is bright and inviting. This luxury apartment is located in the upper part of Manarola, offering a restful, secluded stay. 

Book your stay at L’Attico Giallo Oro di Giulia 

L'Attico Giallo Oro di Giulia
L’Attico Giallo Oro di Giulia

Beautiful views and quaint streets – what more could you want?

You may have a hard time deciding where to stay in the Cinque Terre! From the smallest towns Manarola and Corniglia, to the larger cities of Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Monterosso – accommodation is abundant in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. 

Whether choosing Cinque Terre hotels, hostels, camping experiences or apartments, we think there’s a property out there for any traveller who is lucky enough to visit the Cinque Terre.

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Where to Find the Best Beaches in Cinque Terre, Italy

If you are on the lookout for a stress-free summer location to pay a visit to in the course of a excursion to Italy, then you could think about Cinque Terre on the Ligurian Coast in Italy.

Recognized for its famed clusters of brightly colored houses by the sea, the beaches in Cinque Terre are worthy of a visit. 

Cinque Terre shorelines are whole of coves, easy rocks, and outdated stone harbours – which may possibly not appear apt at very first look but are pretty perfectly-suited for sunbathing and swimming. Other activities you can expect in the spot contain a countrywide park and a variety of hiking trails set amongst the Mediterranean sea. 

If you are looking for seashores in Cinque Terre that may be off the crushed route but continue to give an unforgettable seaside holiday, look no further! There are wonderful Cinque Terre seashores in each of the 5 villages: Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare. Listed here are our favorite beaches in Cinque Terre.

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Vernazza, Cinque Terre

The most effective shorelines in Cinque Terre


Vernazza is well-acknowledged for getting a well-known fishing village and the only purely natural port of Cinque Terre. This historic city is also regarded for its olive oil, as the village is surrounded by steep olive groves that deliver some of the tastiest olive oil in Italy.

In Vernazza harbour, you will obtain two Cinque Terre seashores. The initial Vernazza seaside is a sandy, compact seaside that gives flat rocks perfect for sunbathing. You can count on to come across tranquil h2o and community fishing boats below. It’s positioned along the main road, about 2 minutes from the railway station.

The second Vernazza seashore is on the east side of the village and is quite stony. Nonetheless, this is a more non-public and secluded seashore that readers can uncover by walking through the cave on the remaining side of the village key street.


Corniglia is a hamlet positioned within Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy. This historical Roman village is a single of the only places in the Cinque Terre without having immediate sea accessibility.

If you are searching for a secluded Corniglia beach front, appear no further more than Guvano. This uncrowded beach front is located on the mountaineering path involving Vernazza and Corniglia, so it isn’t strictly in Corniglia.  

Look for the indicator that states ‘Spiaggia Libera’ or ‘Public Beach’. Guvano is also acknowledged as a person of the unofficial nudist seashores in Cinque Terre, so be warned when checking out that you may well see some pores and skin – on the other hand, it is relatively tranquil and tranquil. 

Corniglia in Cinque Terre, Italy
Corniglia in Cinque Terre, Italy


Monterosso is one particular of the greatest villages that form the Cinque Terre in Italy. Its affluent hills deliver olive oil, lemons and vines like no other.

If you’re hunting for Cinque Terre seashores right here, you’re in luck for the reason that Monterosso has two most important seashores to stop by.

If you’re on the lookout for a regular Monterosso beach front, go to the long sandy beach front in the ‘new’ aspect of the village referred to as Fegina. You are going to locate sand, umbrellas, seashore chairs and a promenade whole of places to eat, bars and ice cream suppliers. This Cinque Terre beach front is located appropriate in of the teach station in Monterosso.

If you favor to take a look at the outdated part of the village, also regarded as Aurora, you will take pleasure in the Monterosso seashore on the Vernazza trail. It’s a incredibly sandy seaside around the boat rental hub and offers both of those non-public and community parts. It is a 10-moment walk from the practice station, on the left side.

If you’d like to do some added exploring in Monterosso, you can discover outdated castle ruins, narrow medieval streets and multi-colored terraced residences in the village.

Sign up for this boat cruise to Riomaggiore and Monterosso

Monterosso beach in Cinque Terre, Italy
Monterosso beach in Cinque Terre, Italy


Riomaggiore is the southernmost region of the Cinque Terre in Italy. It is a tiny village located in the La Spezia province in the Liguria location. This historic village is stated to have originated as early as the 8th Century. 

Riomaggiore beach front is a public seaside just east of the village alone. It features crystal obvious waters, a harbour, a ferry dock and a stony location. 

You will also locate numerous boulders at Riomaggiore seashore, but this does not hamper the knowledge and is incredibly regular of Cinque Terre seashores. 

Riomaggiore is also well identified for its Via dell’Amore or ‘Lover’s Lane’, a passionate route that gives outstanding sights of the Mediterranean coastal landscape. This walk normally takes all around 20 minutes to comprehensive and will guide you to Manarola.


Manarola is a tiny city inside Riomaggiore in the north of Italy. It is the 2nd-smallest of the Cinque Terre villages and sits 70 meters above sea amount on a higher rock. 

When there are no formal Manarola seaside, you will discover a stunning harbour below that is best for deep-drinking water swimming. Manarola is one particular of the smallest areas in Cinque Terre, so you can count on a large amount of privacy when browsing, in particular if going to throughout the off-peak tourist time.

For all those with an adventurous spirit, choose the ladder and be rewarded! There is also an outdoor shower out there to freshen up. To get in this article, you’ll require to wander about 3 minutes away from the teach station. 

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Alternate Cinque Terre Beaches

If you are in the spot and hunting for much more Cinque Terre shorelines, you might take into consideration Levanto seashore. Levanto is not one particular of the main Cinque Terre beaches but is only a 3-moment train trip from Monterosso (guide your train tickets below). 

Levanto beach is very long and wonderful, blessed with a sandy shore ideal for all sorts of summer actions. It contains both private and community sections and delivers several amenities this kind of as a bar, outside pool, beach front chairs, umbrellas and out of doors showers. 

Also, there are quite a few styles of drinking water sports activities products that you can hire, these as canoes, peddle boats, surfboards and motorboats. 

Ready to strike the beach front in Italy?

No make any difference which of the Cinque Terre shorelines you pick to pay a visit to, you are in for a stunning getaway! Whilst the shorelines in Cinque Terre may err on the rocky facet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t fulfil your aspiration of possessing a enjoyable Mediterranean getaway! 

Keep in mind to consider the Cinque Terre area of Liguria, Italy, when organizing your next fantastic getaway. 

Seeking for far more Italian beaches to investigate? Look at out these posts:

Wherever to Keep in Sardinia, Italy

Best Beach locations in Sardinia, Italy

Greatest Locations to Visit in the Amalfi Coastline in Italy

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ETIAS Guide to Visa-Free Travel in Europe

We have all dreamed of superb European holidays, proper? Regardless of whether it is shelling out a 7 days in Barcelona, viewing Sardinia in Italy or consuming our way via Paris – there are numerous European journey desires.

Citizens of about 60 international locations, including the US, who can vacation visa-free in Europe will soon require to make an ETIAS software electronically right before moving into any Schengen place.

It’s not as challenging as it seems even though and simply includes a few extra actions to include to your journey scheduling regime. We have lined everything that you will need to know about applying for ETIAS for your approaching journey to Europe under.

ETIAS software approach for visa-totally free vacation in Europe

What is ETIAS?

ETIAS stands for the European Vacation Data and Authorization Method and calls for non-European Union citizens seeking visa-free of charge travel to any of 26 nations in the Schengen spot to sign up on the web and gain acceptance ahead of becoming permitted to board planes to the location. It is an totally electronic technique that lets entry and keeps track of visitors from nations who do not want a visa to enter the Schengen Zone.

It’s comparable to ESTA (United States’ Digital Program for Journey Authorization), which several tourists will need to complete to enter the US. ETIAS aims to decrease crime and terrorism dangers in Europe and to simplicity border strategies for guests.

When will ETIAS just take result?

ETIAS was in the beginning scheduled to choose result from January 2021 but is now predicted to grow to be operational by the end of 2022, with transitional steps prepared for a smooth introduction.

A checklist of the ETIAS nations around the world

Countries that call for an ETIAS to enter include all international locations inside of the Schengen zone.

The Schengen zone encompasses Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Who will need to have ETIAS?

ETIAS targets citizens of countries who can enter the EU zone visa-cost-free. This involves 62 nations, like the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, and so on. You can check if you have to have an ETIAS listed here.

How does the ETIAS method function?

The ETIAS technique will be productive and straightforward to use, in the end conserving time for candidates and processing.

The ETIAS application can be produced in three ways:

  1. Entire the online ETIAS application: It takes about 10 minutes to comprehensive and features biometric information, citizenship, address, contact specifics, EU place you’re viewing and history and eligibility issues.
  2. Pay out the ETIAS service fees and submit the variety: When you total the software, you will have to pay out the fee and post it. The procedure will system your info and approve your application.
  3. Receive the visa waiver by electronic mail: In addition to staying despatched by using email, the accepted ETIAS visa waiver is linked electronically to the applicant’s passport.

Through your application, the program will quickly method your identification, travel files and answers to history thoughts against databases (SIS, VIS, EUROPOL Facts, SLTD & TDAWN (Interpol), EURODAC, etc.) and its screening regulations and watchlist.

ETIAS are legitimate for a few yrs or right until the conclude of validity of the passport registered throughout the software, whichever comes very first.

An illustration: Venezuelans traveling to France

Since Venezuela is element of the European Visa-Exempt Method, vacationers have to full an ETIAS application ahead of touring to Europe.

As soon as ETIAS becomes obligatory, Venezuelan passport holders will apply for an ETIAS for France (which is in the Schengen zone) in advance of departure. With an approved ETIAS visa waiver, Venezuelan passport holders will be in a position to commit up to 90 times in France.

Here’s an illustration of acquiring an ETIAS for Venezuelans to journey to France:

  • In the on the internet ETIAS for Venezuela to journey to France application, Venezuelans require the adhering to files:
    • Venezuela passport: this should be legitimate for at least three months from the date of entry
    • Debit or credit rating card: this is needed to pay out the ETIAS for France fees
    • Current e mail deal with: the authorized visa waiver will be sent to the e-mail inbox
  • When finishing the ETIAS on the web type, you’ll want the underneath details on hand:
    • Full title as it seems on the passport
    • Speak to particulars like existing residential deal with and e mail handle
    • Passport info this sort of as the number and expiry date
ETIAS application process for visa-free travel in Europe
ETIAS software method for visa-totally free travel in Europe

How a great deal does ETIAS price tag?

It is prepared for ETIAS to only charge €7 for each and every software for grown ups around 18 a long time. Tourists less than 18 will not have to pay out any costs.

Take pleasure in visa-cost-free travel to Europe

For customers of the 60+ international locations that really do not have to have a visa to enter Europe, never allow the ETIAS software approach scare you absent. It’s just a 10-minute on line application that is super basic and economical!

ETIAS Guide to Visa-Free Travel in EuropeTravel Dudes

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A Week in Barcelona | 7 Day Itinerary

Barcelona is just one of the best city locations in Europe, that can supply anything for each form of traveller to delight in. From spectacular architecture to earth-renowned dining places and miles of sandy beach locations, it has every little thing you could will need for a amazing holiday break!

The only problem you confront when coming to Barcelona is that there is just so much to select from, it can be challenging to healthy it all in. That’s why it is important to strategy your journey wisely, so that you really do not miss out on the ideal bits. So, here’s our beneficial guidebook to paying out a week in Barcelona.

Test out our Barcelona 7 working day itinerary.

How to devote a 7 days in Barcelona

Day 1: The Previous City

The Ciutat Vella, or Previous Town, is one particular of the most well known pieces of the city for website visitors. A go to to this space, with its winding slender streets and outdated properties, feels like travelling again in time!

Ciutat Vella

There is a mix of gothic and neo-gothic architecture in the aptly named Gothic Quarter, we recommend traveling to the Barcelona Cathedral and the Historical Synagogue, considered to be just one of the oldest in Europe. 

Head across from the Gothic Quarter to the El Born neighbourhood, to see the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, and to check out a person of the numerous artisan workshops and fashion boutiques selling neighborhood merchandise. 

The Outdated City is also property to La Rambla, which is on numerous site visitors to do lists in Barcelona. On this iconic road you can find the La Boqueria Foods Industry, fantastic for a wander spherical to sample the scrumptious new fruit, tapas, or meats. 

See also The Greatest Viewpoints in Barcelona.

Day 2: Modernist Barcelona

Barcelona is famed for its Catalan Modernism style of art, championed by architects Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domenech i Muntaner

We recommend a stroll up the Passeig de Gràcia road, which is lined with designer retailers this kind of as Chanel and Prada, but also the breathtaking Casa Batlló and La Pedrera properties. From listed here you’ll also stumble throughout the Quadrat d’or, a square mile brimming with eye-catching modernist mansions. 

See also Exceptional Issues to do in Barcelona.

Casa Batlló (Unsplash)
Casa Batlló (Unsplash)

Day 3: Seaside or Park Day

Barcelona has a superb calendar year-spherical climate it would be impolite not to get out and take pleasure in it! The city has nine seashores that stretch above 5 kilometres, so there’s a range of sunbathing spots to choose from. Our favorite beach in Barcelona is Nova Icària, which is a tranquil seaside with a great range of sporting activities facilities, which includes volleyball and paddleboarding

If you are not in the temper for swimming costumes and sand, the Ciutadella Park is wherever lots of locals come to chill out at weekends. It is a stunning, environmentally friendly oasis in the coronary heart of the metropolis, with a lake, fountain, palm trees, and a great deal additional. 

See also H2o Sports in Barcelona.

Ciutadella park, Barcelona (pexels)
Ciutadella park, Barcelona (pexels)

Day 4: Hop on, Hop off Bus

Give your legs a rest and get to see all the sights of the town by hopping on just one of Barcelona’s tour buses of the finest landmarks. This makes it possible for you to learn areas that could be harder to get to on your own, these as the Olympic Stadium and Museum on Montjuïc, or the Poble Espanyol, which is a design village museum. 

The best end off of all is the Sagrada Familia, just one of the most well-known churches in the entire world. It is famously uncompleted, but nonetheless these a breathtaking practical experience. Acquiring in during peak year is possible likely to be hectic and require queueing, but the exterior is absolutely free to see!

Ebook your ticket here.

The Sagrada Familia (pexels) in Barcelona
The Sagrada Familia (pexels)

Day 5: Tapas and drinks

Barcelona is a foodie paradise. It has an huge range of tapas bars, wonderful eating dining establishments, and fresh food marketplaces, to whet the tastebuds of any customer to the town! We propose a check out to the El Born neighbourhood, which is jam packed with great bars and places to eat – try Bona Form for tapas and Bar Sauvage for a late-evening cocktail. 

See also Cheap Tapas Bars in Barcelona.

Tapas, Barcelona (unsplash)
Tapas, Barcelona (unsplash)

If you are seeking to just take some edible souvenirs back for your mates (or your self!) take a visit to the Santa Caterina Sector or the Mercat de la Llibertat in Gràcia. These are the greatest locations to decide on up some Spanish specialties, this kind of as jamon serrano, locally built olive oil, or a bottle of vermouth. 

Day 6: Museum visits

For art-fans, there are handful of greater spots than the Catalan money. Aside from becoming a piece of living artwork by itself by means of the city’s architecture, there are also many fascinating artwork museums to check out too. Just take a trip to the Picasso Museum, which showcases some of the legendary artist’s most popular parts. One more iconic artist hailing from Barcelona, Joan Miró, also has a museum dedicated to him of his will work, the Miró Basis

See also The Most Unusual Museums in Barcelona.

Picasso Museum, Barcelona
Picasso Museum, Barcelona

There are two up to date art centres well worth browsing in Barcelona: the MACBA (up to date art museum of Barcelona) and the CCCB (centre for up to date lifestyle). These centres display screen artwork from contemporary and rising artists from Spain and over and above. 

Day 7: Parc Güell and Tibidabo

Conclude your 7 days in Barcelona on a superior – very basically superior over the city! To the north of the town, up on the mountains, you can find the intriguing Tibidabo. Take a look at the wonderful Sacred Heart Church, which can be witnessed from below all above the metropolis and unleash your internal kid at the Tibidabo Amusement Park just subsequent to it. This is the oldest concept park in Spain, and 1 of the oldest in Europe, staying designed way back in 1901!

Head down the mountain and conclude your working day at Gaudí’s legendary Park Güell. This whimsical park is jam packed with architecture and colors, and is the ideal spot to observe the sunset more than attractive Barcelona. Book your ticket on line.

See also Factors to Do in Barcelona: Our Barcelona Action Information.

Park Güell, Barcelona
Park Güell, Barcelona

Check out additional of our guidelines for shelling out a week in Barcelona

A Week in Barcelona | 7 Day ItineraryCondominium Barcelona

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Places to Visit Near Gold Coast, Australia

Receiving Outside the house The Gold Coast

The Gold Coastline in Australia is a town whole of enjoyable and adventure, and never a boring moment. But one particular matter that most people today brush aside are the wonderful surrounding places.

There are a lot of outstanding locations to pay a visit to around Gold Coastline within an hour, such as the Springbrook Mountain, Woolumbin Nationwide Park and Mount Tamborine—all tropical havens with unbelievable walks, adventure, surroundings and waterfalls galore.

We are likely to emphasize five main sights and areas to check out around Gold Coastline that we can say we have tried out ourselves.

So, devoid of even further ado, below are…

Our best 5 places to check out near Gold Coastline

Purling Brook Falls

Set amongst the dense rainforest at the leading of Springbrook Mountain lies the beautiful waterfall of Purling Brook Falls. The Falls is a horsetail waterfall with a mammoth sheer 106 metre fall.

The waterfall has two seem-out details, which are accessed at both finishes of a 4 km loop wander. The to start with place is the front check out of the gigantic falls. The look at out and close to is just amazing and reveals the measurement of the falls. The lookout at the 2nd position is positioned at the leading of the drop, where by you are hardly metres from the tumble by itself. Looking down on to the base of this big waterfall.

You can opt for to just look at the falls, but for the much more adventurous, we propose the 4km going for walks keep track of loop to the bottom of the falls and back again. When you you arrive at the foot of the falls, you are going to undoubtedly have an understanding of the sheer size of this waterfall, as you look up to it. The stroll down to it is a little challenging. But believe in us, it is properly really worth pushing on to get the terrific look at up at the tumble.

Organic Bridge

The Organic Bridge lies in the Springbrook Countrywide park, a obviously fashioned rock arch around Cave Creek. The creek arrived from a waterfall which reduce a cave beneath the waterfall and fashioned a pothole on prime until the two joined and the creek flowed as a result of the cave, leaving an arch throughout the front.

The cave alone is property to a colony of glow worms and as this kind of nightly tours are operated in which to perspective them. The vast glow from the worms make this a will have to see tour – ebook a tour here.

To get to the cave there is a 1.4 km strolling keep track of which is mostly a extremely manageable walk and will take you alongside some fantastic views on the way, and also a couple fantastic image options.

About 3/4 of the way spherical is the most effective shot of the Natural Bridge. Confront on is a extraordinary watch of the gushing waterfall by the rocks with the beaming daylight to gentle up this remarkable see. From below you can commence by way of into the cave to see the gushing waterfall at its peak.

The final vantage level is at the opening at the top rated of the fall. In this article you can see where by this question has by natural means formed and the sheer volume of water falling into the cave.

Curtis Falls

Set in the tropical Mount Tamborine is the beautiful Curtis Falls waterfall and the Curtis Falls walking monitor.

Enter the stroll and straight into a planet of towering gum trees, Eucalyptus and an at any time-great lush rainforest. Damaged trees and and the seems of distant whipbirds make for a peaceful and tranquil take a look at.

The walk down to the falls is a gorgeous flowing monitor as a result of this lush surroundings. Effectively taken care of tracks and handrails are there to make the trek less complicated.

Observe: As pointed out, the track is elevated but not steep so it fits most people aside from strollers and wheelchairs as there are pieces which require steps.

You may locate platypus, turtles and even the popular east coastline Brush Turkey on this vacation. In point there are normally a great deal of Brush Turkeys close to. These birds, in any other case known as scrub turkeys, are common on the west coastline of Australia. They are black in color with crimson beaks and is only one particular of three species to inhabit Australia.

After the short 1 km walk you arrive at the falls. Access into the falls and bordering rock swimming pools is restricted in buy to shield the landscape, however a viewing system for a good angle and image opportunity is offered.

The waterfall looks to have a frequent flow. We went through a particularly dry thirty day period and as you can see under, it was still entire of drinking water.

Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird Park is an adventure park and camping website on the hugely common Tamborine Mountain.

It is a excellent area to consider the youngsters and, as you’re about to locate out, grown ups like us as nicely.

The park is acknowledged for it is major attraction—the Treetop Challenge. A obstacle class through the trees in a harness with zip strains and lots of climbing. Can be tough get the job done but extremely gratifying. The supreme entertaining for each adult and little ones.

The park also presents a several other functions like horse riding, mini golfing and the thunderegg crystal mine. As effectively as a good camp internet site, cafe and bar.

Mount Warning NSW

Mount Warning is a Mountain just above the border of Queensland and New South Wales. A medium to tough hike to the peak with the toughest and the steepest currently being at the top acquiring onto the peak.


A mountain in the Tweed Vary in the Northern rivers location of New South Wales Australia. It was formed from a volcanic plug of the now-absent tweed volcano. The mountain is found 14 kilometres south west of Murwillumbah around the border concerning New South Wales and Queensland. Lieutenant James Prepare dinner saw the mountain from the sea and named it Mount Warning.

The Walk

The wander and the tracks them selves are not way too undesirable to start out with as it’s a gradual climb weaving in and out of the rainforest. Receiving to the top and the closing 50 metres, having said that, does need pulling on your own up a stone wall and helping yourself by working with a chain. It can be a very little complicated if you are a little bit much less ready.

Take note: If this is a bit as well a lot, there are lookouts alongside the hike giving wonderful sights and vantage details.

Make absolutely sure you have on superior quality strolling boots, carry lots of h2o and treats. The by itself to the top and again will choose around 3 – 5 hours based on yourselves.

See also Equipment Information: Must Haves for Camping and Climbing


These are our five should sees for destinations to stop by around the Gold Coastline, and to be truthful, there are lots of much more. Just more than an hour absent, you can pay a visit to the seaside city of Byron Bay or go inland and see the rural town of Beaudesert. These all over again, are two contrasting places but very worthy of a go to.

You can also go to Brisbane, which is an hrs drive from Gold Coast.

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Where to Stay in Sardinia, Italy

It’s no secret that Sardinia is one of the best beach holiday destinations in the world. From its turquoise waters to its soft, white sands, it’s also a fantastic water sports destination for global visitors to the Mediterranean sea. 

However, don’t be fooled into thinking you will only find beaches in Sardinia. Other beautiful cities on the island are valued for other reasons besides salt and sand, including secluded mountain towns, vineyard-filled villages, and even some old archaeological sites

Are you planning a trip and want to know where to stay in Sardinia? You’re in luck because we’ll cover where to stay in Sardinia for the best beaches, best Sardinia hotels and even a few places off the beaten track that you may not know. 

Are you ready to find where to stay in Sardinia, Italy? It’s time to find out!

Accommodation in Costa Paradiso, Northern Sardinia

Want to know where to stay in Sardinia? How does paradise sound?

Costa Paradiso, also known as the Paradise Coast of Sardinia, is the perfect spot for water sports lovers. It boasts long coastal stretches throughout, including excellent scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing spots.  

Nature lovers will also be able to hike in this area. Other destinations around Costa Paradiso include Li Vaccaggi, Lu Colbu and Greuli.

Costa Paradiso on a Budget – Resort Gravina

Are you looking for Sardinia resorts that won’t break the bank? Resort Gravina is a budget-friendly choice of note. Every room includes a balcony or terrace and free wifi and air conditioning for visits during the hot summer months.

Book your stay at Resort Gravina

Gravina Resort in Costa Paradiso, Sardinia.

Costa Paradiso Apartment – Paradise Hill

Built against a rock face on the coast of Costa Paradiso, this luxury apartment exudes coastal charm. Paradise Hill features sweeping panoramic views of the ocean, large bedrooms, rustic rocky architecture and a wrap-around balcony and comfy sun-loungers, we think relaxing in paradise looks something like this.

This apartment is just 8 minutes away from the beautiful sandy beach of Spiaggia di Cala li Cossi, and is one the best places to stay in Sardinia due to its proximity to natural beauty.

Book your stay at Paradise Hill

Places to stay in Sardinia - Paradise Hill
Paradise Hill apartment in Sardinia

Luxury Hotel in Costa Paradiso – Hotel Costa Paradiso

Touted as one of the best hotels in Sardinia, Hotel Costa Paradiso is a luxury hotel boasting a fantastic granite coastal view. Guests have praised this hotel as dreamy for its large clean rooms, refreshing seawater pool, exceptional team of staff and fresh coffee bar.

Book your stay at Hotel Costa Paradiso

Hotels in Sardinia - Hotel Costa Paradiso
Hotel Costa Paradiso in Sardinia

Boutique Accommodation – Costa Paradiso Resort

Do you want to enjoy Sardinia by staying in a boutique resort? Look no further than Costa Paradiso Resort, a favourite amongst Sardinia resorts.

This unique boutique resort offers many villas of varying sizes to guests – so don’t expect a standard hotel room when you arrive! The resort features a large terrace with a private pool, luxury family villas, a private beach area and proximity to Spiaggia Del Porto La Cruzitta, as well as hiking, snorkelling and nearby fishing sites. 

Book your stay at Costa Paradiso Resort

Sardinia resorts - Costa Paradiso Resort
Costa Paradiso Resort

Accommodation in Porto Istana, North-East Sardinia

Porto Istana is a village in Olbia, Sardinia within the Sassari province. This picturesque village offers crystal-clear water at its beaches, as well as glistening white sand and lush green vegetation throughout the town. You will also be treated to beautiful views of the neighbouring island, Isola Tavolara. 

Other destinations around Porto Istana include Li Cuncheddi, Bunthe, Costa Corallina and Murta Maria.

Apartment in Porto Istana – Garden of Plenty

The Garden of Plenty Apartment is the quintessential terracotta home and features in our top list of where to stay in Sardinia. This idyllic apartment features a cactus garden, breathtaking coastal views, an outdoor barbecue, a shaded patio and luscious lawns.

Porto Istana beach is just a five-minute drive away, but we bet you probably won’t want to leave the apartment!

Book your stay at Garden of Plenty

Accommodation in Porto Istana
Garden of Plenty, Porto Istana

Porto Istana on a Budget – Porto Istana Holiday Home

Are you looking for a budget holiday home? You may enjoy the Porto Istana Holiday Home. This quaint one-bedroomed home is pet friendly and includes terrace and garden views. It is simple yet has everything a beach lover might need when the day is over.

It includes a basic kitchenette, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV for your entertainment. Porto Istana Holiday Home is close to Olbia, and Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is only 7km away. 

Book your stay at Porto Istana Holiday Home

Porto Istana Holiday Home
Porto Istana Holiday Home, Sardinia

Luxury Resort – Baglioni Resort Sardinia

This hotel is located around 10km out of Porto Istana and is one of the best places to stay in Sardinia. Its steep price tag comes with offers of pet friendly accommodation, celebrity treatment, world-class service, a private beach, sweet and savoury breakfast options, a fitness centre, and three swimming pools.

Couples especially enjoy it, which makes this resort one of the best Sardinia hotels for a honeymoon. This picturesque hotel also has dedicated sun lounge terraces for guests to use.

Book your stay at Baglioni Resort Sardinia

Baglioni Resort Sardinia
Baglioni Resort Sardinia

Boutique Hotel – Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 

If you’re after a rustic experience when deciding where to stay in Sardinia, Hotel Stefania is one of the best hotels in Sardinia for a homely experience. It features a Moorish decorative style and is located in Olbia, close to Porto Istana. 

This 4-star hotel is a mere 100m away from Pittulongu Beach. This hotel features a fitness centre, outdoor pool with terrace, paid beach service and restaurant. Hotel Stefania has a unique set-up as the hotel is split into two buildings – the central hotel offers 28 rooms, and the separate Villa Stefania has an extra ten rooms. 

Book your stay at Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 

Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 
Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 

Accommodation in Santa Reparata, North Sardinia

Santa Reparata is a beautiful city in Sardinia and is characterized by its white sandy beaches. This unique location offers impressive coastal views in spades and is close to many other destinations in the region. 

Other destinations around Santa Reparata include Funtanaccia and Capo Testa to the north-west, Santa Teresa Gallura to the north-east and Buoncammino to the east.

Apartment in Santa Reparata – Wilma’s Watch 

One of the best places to stay in North Sardinia is Wilma’s Watch. Named after the Flintstones character, this prehistoric pad, complete with arched walls and thatched roof, offers luxurious surroundings that may surprise you.

Wilma’s Watch features a complete outdoor kitchen with a hob, large barbecue grill, alfresco dining area and shallow pool surrounded by a lush garden. Additionally, you’ll find a hot tub for starlit nights, an outdoor shower for cleaning off after a swim and a flat roof terrace for sundowners. 

While the exterior may look dated, the interior is modern, boasting modern white walls and classy furnishings – which make it the ultimate spot for relaxation in Sardinia. 

Book your stay at Wilma’s Watch

Accommodation in North Sardinia, Italy
Wilma’s Watch

On a Budget – Hotel Da Cecco 

Located just 200m from Santa Tera Gallura’s main beach, this budget hotel offers rustic charm. Featuring a pastel exterior, free wifi for every room and a buffet-style breakfast, Hotel Da Cecco is an excellent choice if you’re looking to save on accommodation costs.

It’s also close to a bus stop that links Olbia and Sassari, making it an excellent choice for city-hoppers in discovering where to stay in Sardinia. 

Book your stay at Hotel Da Cecco

Hotel Da Cecco in Sardinia
Hotel Da Cecco in Sardinia

Luxury Hotel – Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

The Colonna Grand Hotel in Capo Testa offers Mediterranean-style architecture, panoramic views and a private white-sand beach on the premises. 

Look no further if you were wondering where to stay in Santa Reparata, as this location will give you quick access to Santa Reparata and Funtanaccia in northern Sardinia. Every room includes air conditioning, a furnished balcony, a choice of 2 restaurants serving local fare and a terrace bar with views of Corsica and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Additionally, this hotel offers a free shuttle service to Santa Teresa di Gallura, only 2km away.

Book your stay at Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa
Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa in Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia

Boutique Accommodation – Hotel La Coluccia

Located in Santa Teresa Gallura, La Coluccia Hotel is only 50m away from the nearest beach and boasts beautiful views of Spargi island. 

Some of the main features include Turkish baths, a spa and fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers, buffet breakfasts and panoramic views over the peninsula. It is 17km from Palau, which offers ferry trips to Genoa.

Book your stay at Hotel La Coluccia

Where to stay in Sardinia - La Coluccia
La Coluccia in Sardinia

Accommodation in Cagliari, South Sardinia

Cagliari is one of the best places to stay in Sardinia, the island’s capital. There is an activity for just about anyone here, including museum visits, excellent restaurants, local breweries, shopping malls and unforgettable beaches.

This large piece of land is located close to Quartu Sant’Elena to the east and Quartiere Vivere to the west. 

See also What to See in Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari on a Budget – Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme

Looking to save some money on accommodation? Check out Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme. It’s located in the middle of Cagliari’s city centre, making it perfect for a cultural tour of Sardinia. 

Some packages include complimentary breakfast for 2, free wifi for every room, and access to the hotel’s restaurant and fitness centre. 

Book your stay at Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme

Where to stay in Cagliari, Sardinia
Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme in Cagliari, Sardinia

Boutique Hotel in Cagliari – La Villa del Mare 

Want a truly unique boutique stay in Cagliari? La Villa del Mare might be a perfect choice. This early 20th-century villa boasts an Art Nouveau experience on the seafront, complete with a reading room and furnished garden on the premises. 

A bus stop is located 20m away should you want to visit the city centre, making this central location perfect for a secluded getaway.

Book your stay at La Villa del Mare

La Villa del Mare in Cagliari, Sardinia
La Villa del Mare in Cagliari, Sardinia

Luxury Stays in Cagliari – T Hotel

T Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sardinia. With its modern design, big rooms, and exceptional city views, you can’t miss out on this king of luxury Sardinia resorts when staying in Cagliari. 

T Hotel features a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy spa complete with steam baths, full English breakfasts every morning, and a modern gym. It is close to the Lyric Theatre as well as the Cagliari Cathedral and Cagliari-Elmas airport.

Book your stay at T Hotel

T Hotel in Cagliari, Sardinia
T Hotel in Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari Apartment – Right House

Right House is a luxury apartment in Cagliari. It boasts modern finishes and appliances, classy interior decor and a central location close to train stations, restaurants and bus stops right in the city centre of Cagliari. 

The nearest beach, Poetto Beach, can be accessed via a bus close to the apartment.

Book your stay at Right House

Places to stay in Cagliari, Sardinia
Right House in Cagliari, Sardinia


From Cagliari in the south to Porto Istana in the North, you’ll find many beautiful places to stay in Sardinia. Featuring beautiful abodes filled with sunny terraces, cacti gardens and pools aplenty, you’re bound to find something to suit your next trip to Sardinia, regardless of your budget.

Whether you’re budget conscious, looking for a private apartment, want to splurge on a luxury hotel or enjoy a boutique experience, you can find accommodation to suit you in practically every city in Sardinia. 

By now, we hope you know where to stay in Sardinia – at many different price points. Some of the best Sardinia hotels are waiting for you – so be sure to visit Sardinia next time you’re planning a trip to Italy. 

See also Best Towns in Sardinia, Italy

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Healthy Food in Vietnam: Tofu & Tao Pho

Now in my thirties, I have apparent reminiscences of curling up on my grandfather’s lap, again when I was a tiny child.

He’d sit on a old wood bed and smoke a china bowl pope, his historic shriveled hands breaking grilled tofu into pieces and dipping the morsels into salt.

As a child, I thought that the tofu chinks seemed unappealing, but the grownups seemed to get pleasure from feeding on them. It was frequent to see cyclo drivers eating this dish by the roadside throughout their breaks at the time Hai Phong nonetheless had lots of flamboyant trees and small compact homes.

If I shut my eyes I can even now scent the scent of grilling tofu.

Tofu is amongst the healthful foodstuff in Vietnam not to be missed!

Healthy food stuff in Vietnam

Heathy food items in Vietnam


Even today grilled tofu is nonetheless available in cheap beer bars, where by prospects get pleasure from its pungent style. Tofu is applied in all sorts of methods. Dried boiled or steamed. This component having said that is rarely served at feasts or fancy dinners.

Most Vietnamese folks look at tofu to be humble fare. It is affordable and commonly available. In Asia, people have been generating food from soy beans for century. Tofu and other soy solutions are connected with devout Buddhists, who are vegetarian for religious factors. Soy merchandise are applied to make meat substitutes that occasionally glimpse and style just like meat.

Go to any sector in Vietnam and you will see women promoting Tofu out of flat baskets. Purchasers occur to know who make the best tofu and well-known distributors provide out early. In Hanoi, Dau Mo (Tofu from Mo Market place) is thought of a specialty, like basil from Lang Village or soy sauce from Ban Village.

The Tofu makers in Mo Village have their possess solution, although all tofu incorporates very similar substances. Perhaps the tofu in Mo Village notice improved standards of good quality regulate, using superior substances and refusing to slice corners to obtain a quick phrase gain.

Earning Tofu is time consuming.

Producers are up most of the night in get to get their tofu to sector at dawn. Very first a person have to grind the soy beans then filter them in advance of cooking, cooling packaging compressing and peeling the ensuing tofu. Every single action necessitates thorough and experienced fingers.

Currently, the outdated villages of Ke Mo are but a memory. The streets feature slim store-house and significant rises. Even Mo Market is lengthy absent, having been demolished to create a purchasing centre. Foodstuff lovers in Hanoi, on the other hand nevertheless remember the superb of Mo tofu.

Tofu in Vietnam
Tofu in Vietnam

Tao Pho

Tofu makers create a vary of items. The output of their 1st phase of manufacturing is Tao Pho, a white, condensed pudding that is serve as a dessert with sweet syrup. Pretty popular with ladies, this is a great snack on a warm summer working day.

In northern Vietnam, Tao Pho sellers usually experience bicycles with a barrel of Tao Pho driving them. The vender utilizes a flat spoon to ladle thin layers of Tao pho into a bowl in advance of adding syrup.

Currently as individuals are more and more affluent, the more subtle Japanese design of Tofu is gaining popularity. The purest product or service of the tofu cooking process this sort of smooth tofu may be identified on buffet tables and at fancy feasts.

In my check out, this kind of tofu is far too gentle, breaking aside as before long as a single takes a chunk. For day-to-day fare, I like the standard, regular Vietnamese tofu.

Some afternoons, I sit at a roadside restaurant beneath a flamboyant tree and take pleasure in the abundant style of grilled tofu flavored with turmeric. This dish by no means fails to remind me of my childhood.

Superior food items doesn’t will need to be costly and there is so significantly nutritious food items in Vietnam!

Fantastic food items is foodstuff that is eaten at the proper time and place and that would make you really feel great.

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