An Expert Council On Changing Your Hair Color

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

Writer, The Undocumented Americans

When did you 1st start coloring your hair?
I’m 31 now, but I started off dyeing my hair my freshman yr of college. My mom and dad are South American immigrants and evangelical, and even though the goal at the time was J. Lo’s highlights from the Jenny from the Block tunes video, I told my dad I had been influenced by Rachel Ray.

Do you imagine you’ll at any time stop?
I have a ton of thick hair that never falls out. I comprehend that bleach is harming but I like the texture it gives—my hair in a natural way is so straight that I look like a extremely very good lady, and I am not a superior lady. If anybody worry-trolls me about this, I’ll bleach my eyelashes with 40 volume.

What is your hair colour appropriate now?
When you see me with dark brown hair, like I have ideal now, that is me making an attempt to halt and embrace nature. I want to search like the sort of female who can make her possess nut milks and marmalade. To me, that lady just allows her hair be and piles it on top rated of her head.

Which hair colour have you appreciated the most? And the minimum?
My beloved hair color was pink performed by myself, on major of a blonde I experienced done skillfully. I consider pink appears the most normal on me. It fades beautifully and seems distinctive each individual single day, so I constantly see somebody new but common when I look in the mirror.

I have not hated any of them. You can provide a search with any color if you have charisma.

What’s the shortest volume of time you have at any time had your hair be a specified color?
I was about to pitch a present in LA, and I had pink hair at the time. For a quick minute I considered, what if I want to look like what they imagine a Latina looks like? I dyed my hair with dim brown box dye, but for the reason that of the coloration wheel my hair turned inexperienced. I went to see my pal and reported, “My hair is green” and he explained “It’s not environmentally friendly,” but absolutely everyone at the studio agreed it was. That night, I dyed it black.

Did your design modify when you experienced distinct hair colours?
The makeup I put on to communicate my nut milk vibe is two dabs of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter to coloration proper, some Saie highlighter, and the Westman Atelier Lip Suede blotted on my lips. No mascara. I assume I have greater liberty with shade when my hair is blonde or dim. I am additional probable to don my hair longer when it is a normal color—when it really is something like purple or eco-friendly, I don my hair in a bob.

Did men and women handle you in a different way when your hair was distinctive colours?
Artwork on your human body looks like it is really intended to be remarked on, so individuals feel entitled to. I grew up putting on gold nameplate rings and bracelets, and my father and I fought a good deal about which way they ought to encounter. He employed to convey to me to don the letters struggling with outdoors, but why should other people be able to study them and not me? The tattoos I have that include text also facial area me, simply because I do not give a shit if people on the L educate can browse them. Both equally of people things mean a whole lot to me, in conditions of saying possession of my body and residing for myself. So if I’ve figured out nearly anything it is that occasionally you are freaky for your self and not to be another person else’s freak display.

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