A Green Weekend on the Jurassic Coast

The to start with Eco-friendly Weekend will take area alongside an historical extend of coastline that forms England’s only pure Earth Heritage web site.

UNESCO British isles and Further than Your Environment take the viewer on a tour all over the most wonderful and considerable web-sites in the British isles. 


The Eco-friendly Weekend is a travel collection with a conscience. We take the viewer on a tour about the most lovely and sizeable web pages in the Uk, checking out themes of sustainability, experience and vacation as education and learning, marketing a a lot more responsible sort of tourism.

Our eco-escape together the UK’s Jurassic Coastline is the begin of an odyssey discovering Britain’s best cultural and natural landmarks. The first episode takes put together the ancient stretch of shoreline that forms England’s 1st and only purely natural UNESCO World Heritage web-site. We kayaked beneath the crumbling cliffs, roamed the mysterious Holloways and camped out underneath the stars. Shunning planes for trains and Airbnb rents for folding tents, the Environmentally friendly Weekend sets out to make eco-aware journey exciting and reasonably priced. 

Justin Francis, CEO of Liable Vacation experienced this to say of the film:

“I loved the Eco-friendly Weekend on the Jurassic Coast because I needed to go. You offered dependable tourism in a very simple, relatable, much more satisfying variety of travel. We will need to debunk the notion that it appears tricky or intricate, and you did that superbly.” 


Why eco-vacation?

Storytelling will be a important part if we are to radically transform into a very low carbon financial system. Science can give you an easel but it are not able to paint the picture. The impact of visual information, whether Bob Hunter’s ‘Mindbomb’ or Agnes Denes’ wheatfield can accomplish as a great deal effects than any plan transform or corporate initiative. Timely, emotional and visually persuasive stories punch via.

All too often while, we see glib narratives filling the journey house. The greatest travelogue on Earth is Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour – 3 center-aged provocateurs driving fuel-guzzlers with no purpose or bigger goal. The Environmentally friendly Weekend seeks to adjust that. To innovate the mainstream. Working with journalism to offer options-centered narratives that transportation you to a world where by sustainable vacation is neither high-priced nor a compromise. Storytelling has a massive purpose to enjoy in transforming journey for the greater. Telling stories as a auto to reach alter in this area and beyond is our mission.



We will need multilateral, co-ordinated energy to avert the climate crisis and so world-wide, humanist establishments like the UN and UNESCO are essential in delivering that. They give the very best system for collective motion and World Heritage sites the best canvas with which to inform a story. UNESCO works to “mutual being familiar with, a plural strategy to background and a culture of peace.”


Personal site

In January 2019 I browse David Wallace-Wells’ Uninhabitable Earth. It grew to become crystal clear to me that I necessary to get much more accountability for my travel behaviors and the effects that I was possessing. At the time I was immersed in the generation of a travel series, Into Russia, and even though this felt essential it was clear that the need for much more sustainable vacation was pushing my concentrate in a new route.

I wished to use my expertise and practical experience to transform the concentrate on to eco-pleasant travel, and construct a system to start off to investigate and vacation in different ways.

The procedure commenced again at house with a knowledge-led series of general public interviews on the streets of London. The mood and knowledge in the direction of climate transform was shifting substantially, and I needed to be part of that evolution to advertise a far more accountable kind of tourism.

Essential to spreading the information was UNESCO. Ubiquitous in the journey house and universally recognised, owning founded a relationship with UNESCO in Russia, I desired to double down on endeavours to encourage UNESCO in the Uk. Eco-friendly Weekends are the consequence of collaborative attempts with the United kingdom National Commission for UNESCO to use vacation journalism in impactful and significant techniques in the age of sustainability.

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