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Places to Visit Near Gold Coast, Australia

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Receiving Outside the house The Gold Coast

The Gold Coastline in Australia is a town whole of enjoyable and adventure, and never a boring moment. But one particular matter that most people today brush aside are the wonderful surrounding places.

There are a lot of outstanding locations to pay a visit to around Gold Coastline within an hour, such as the Springbrook Mountain, Woolumbin Nationwide Park and Mount Tamborine—all tropical havens with unbelievable walks, adventure, surroundings and waterfalls galore.

We are likely to emphasize five main sights and areas to check out around Gold Coastline that we can say we have tried out ourselves.

So, devoid of even further ado, below are…

Our best 5 places to check out near Gold Coastline

Purling Brook Falls

Set amongst the dense rainforest at the leading of Springbrook Mountain lies the beautiful waterfall of Purling Brook Falls. The Falls is a horsetail waterfall with a mammoth sheer 106 metre fall.

The waterfall has two seem-out details, which are accessed at both finishes of a 4 km loop wander. The to start with place is the front check out of the gigantic falls. The look at out and close to is just amazing and reveals the measurement of the falls. The lookout at the 2nd position is positioned at the leading of the drop, where by you are hardly metres from the tumble by itself. Looking down on to the base of this big waterfall.

You can opt for to just look at the falls, but for the much more adventurous, we propose the 4km going for walks keep track of loop to the bottom of the falls and back again. When you you arrive at the foot of the falls, you are going to undoubtedly have an understanding of the sheer size of this waterfall, as you look up to it. The stroll down to it is a little challenging. But believe in us, it is properly really worth pushing on to get the terrific look at up at the tumble.

Organic Bridge

The Organic Bridge lies in the Springbrook Countrywide park, a obviously fashioned rock arch around Cave Creek. The creek arrived from a waterfall which reduce a cave beneath the waterfall and fashioned a pothole on prime until the two joined and the creek flowed as a result of the cave, leaving an arch throughout the front.

The cave alone is property to a colony of glow worms and as this kind of nightly tours are operated in which to perspective them. The vast glow from the worms make this a will have to see tour – ebook a tour here.

To get to the cave there is a 1.4 km strolling keep track of which is mostly a extremely manageable walk and will take you alongside some fantastic views on the way, and also a couple fantastic image options.

About 3/4 of the way spherical is the most effective shot of the Natural Bridge. Confront on is a extraordinary watch of the gushing waterfall by the rocks with the beaming daylight to gentle up this remarkable see. From below you can commence by way of into the cave to see the gushing waterfall at its peak.

The final vantage level is at the opening at the top rated of the fall. In this article you can see where by this question has by natural means formed and the sheer volume of water falling into the cave.

Curtis Falls

Set in the tropical Mount Tamborine is the beautiful Curtis Falls waterfall and the Curtis Falls walking monitor.

Enter the stroll and straight into a planet of towering gum trees, Eucalyptus and an at any time-great lush rainforest. Damaged trees and and the seems of distant whipbirds make for a peaceful and tranquil take a look at.

The walk down to the falls is a gorgeous flowing monitor as a result of this lush surroundings. Effectively taken care of tracks and handrails are there to make the trek less complicated.

Observe: As pointed out, the track is elevated but not steep so it fits most people aside from strollers and wheelchairs as there are pieces which require steps.

You may locate platypus, turtles and even the popular east coastline Brush Turkey on this vacation. In point there are normally a great deal of Brush Turkeys close to. These birds, in any other case known as scrub turkeys, are common on the west coastline of Australia. They are black in color with crimson beaks and is only one particular of three species to inhabit Australia.

After the short 1 km walk you arrive at the falls. Access into the falls and bordering rock swimming pools is restricted in buy to shield the landscape, however a viewing system for a good angle and image opportunity is offered.

The waterfall looks to have a frequent flow. We went through a particularly dry thirty day period and as you can see under, it was still entire of drinking water.

Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird Park is an adventure park and camping website on the hugely common Tamborine Mountain.

It is a excellent area to consider the youngsters and, as you’re about to locate out, grown ups like us as nicely.

The park is acknowledged for it is major attraction—the Treetop Challenge. A obstacle class through the trees in a harness with zip strains and lots of climbing. Can be tough get the job done but extremely gratifying. The supreme entertaining for each adult and little ones.

The park also presents a several other functions like horse riding, mini golfing and the thunderegg crystal mine. As effectively as a good camp internet site, cafe and bar.

Mount Warning NSW

Mount Warning is a Mountain just above the border of Queensland and New South Wales. A medium to tough hike to the peak with the toughest and the steepest currently being at the top acquiring onto the peak.


A mountain in the Tweed Vary in the Northern rivers location of New South Wales Australia. It was formed from a volcanic plug of the now-absent tweed volcano. The mountain is found 14 kilometres south west of Murwillumbah around the border concerning New South Wales and Queensland. Lieutenant James Prepare dinner saw the mountain from the sea and named it Mount Warning.

The Walk

The wander and the tracks them selves are not way too undesirable to start out with as it’s a gradual climb weaving in and out of the rainforest. Receiving to the top and the closing 50 metres, having said that, does need pulling on your own up a stone wall and helping yourself by working with a chain. It can be a very little complicated if you are a little bit much less ready.

Take note: If this is a bit as well a lot, there are lookouts alongside the hike giving wonderful sights and vantage details.

Make absolutely sure you have on superior quality strolling boots, carry lots of h2o and treats. The by itself to the top and again will choose around 3 – 5 hours based on yourselves.

See also Equipment Information: Must Haves for Camping and Climbing


These are our five should sees for destinations to stop by around the Gold Coastline, and to be truthful, there are lots of much more. Just more than an hour absent, you can pay a visit to the seaside city of Byron Bay or go inland and see the rural town of Beaudesert. These all over again, are two contrasting places but very worthy of a go to.

You can also go to Brisbane, which is an hrs drive from Gold Coast.

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These New Retinoids Are So Good For Sensitive Skin

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Holy crap, there are so numerous retinoids. It’s technically just one particular measly vitamin (A!) but cosmetic chemists have riffed on it so a great deal that now we have acquired a complete category of sliiiightly different elements. There are prescription ones, types that carry out like prescription ones, by natural means-derived types, gentle kinds… Off the prime of our heads we can count a baker’s dozen. And possibly you’re contemplating: Need to chemists quit generating retinoids? Or even: Why aren’t the chemists halting creating retinoids?! Chemists modify and re-modify retinoids for the reason that the a lot more they make, the additional most likely you will hit a sweet place that receives the work (decreasing breakouts, darkish places, and wrinkles) done devoid of aspect consequences. In other text, chemists engage in retinoid Scrabble for your gain. Say many thanks and get your reading glasses!

Underneath, three new retinoids to get on your radar. Maybe just one of them will be your “just ideal.”

The new Rx: Trifarotene

A massive gradual clap for the Fda, which just accredited its initial new retinoid in 20 years. Trifarotene differs from other prescription retinoids (like tretinoin and tazarotene) because of its laser target. Traditionally, retinoids worked like a learn critical. Distinctive vitamin A receptors, which everyone’s pores and skin is obviously outfitted with, switch “on” when you apply vitamin A topically. Turns out, retinoids don’t essentially require to perform on all vitamin A receptors! By targeting just a portion of them, trifarotene really will get the exact same career done with no excess dryness and discomfort. You can also use considerably less of it and make additional of an impact—the 1st prescription trifarotene product on the marketplace only includes .005-per cent. Considering the fact that the retinoid is present at these a low concentration, dermatologists come to feel just good recommending it for use on substantial swaths of skin like the chest and back again. Communicate to one if you feel you could possibly profit.


The new derm doppleganger: Retinaldehyde

Fact be explained to, this is not a new retinoid. Having said that, your alternatives are new! Even just a couple many years in the past you may well have only located retinaldehyde (or retinal for quick) in a handful of health care-grade products, but now even drugstore brands are digging their forks into the pie. What helps make retinal so excellent is its near relation to the prescription things, chemically speaking. (If you want a refresher on the retinoid conversion chain, pop more than listed here for a minute. We’ll wait.) Considering the fact that retinal is only one particular conversion step from retinoic acid, it’s tremendous powerful. No, critically: .5-p.c retinal looks to carry out identically to the optimum power retinoid on the US marketplace, .1-per cent prescription tretinoin. Of class, simply because it is one conversion phase from retinoic acid, it is also marginally gentler and improved tolerated. You will hardly ever locate it in products and solutions at a focus larger than .1-per cent, which is finest if you’re striving to fade hyperpigmentation and sun injury. That becoming said, .05-percent is adequate to depart sensitive skin with major acne breakouts and wrinkle-battling final results.

Avène Retrinal Intensive Product
Allies of Skin 1A Retinal + Peptides Right away Mask
Maelove Moonlight Retinal Super Serum

The new sensitive staple: Retinyl Sunflowerate

Like pimp my trip for skincare, trick out a retinol molecule with additional padding and you’ve bought a retinyl ester. For instance, retinyl palmitate, the most popular retinyl ester, is retinol plus a fatty chain derived from palm oil. Modifying retinol in this way provides a gradual-release component (skin has to break off the addition right before having to the retinol, which will take a moment). And it also would make the retinol somewhat significantly less drying. Retinyl esters are fairly combine-and-matchable in the lab, so there are a bunch: together with retinyl palmitate there’s retinyl acetate, retinyl propionate, retinyl linoleate… The most recent 1 is retinyl sunflowerate. As its really lovable name betrays, retinyl sunflowerate brings together retinol with fatty acids from sunflowers. The sunflower fat make the new molecule much more steady above time, and also would make receiving into vitamin A an uncomplicated possibility for people with delicate skin.

Photograph by using ITG

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Where to Stay in Sardinia, Italy

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

It’s no secret that Sardinia is one of the best beach holiday destinations in the world. From its turquoise waters to its soft, white sands, it’s also a fantastic water sports destination for global visitors to the Mediterranean sea. 

However, don’t be fooled into thinking you will only find beaches in Sardinia. Other beautiful cities on the island are valued for other reasons besides salt and sand, including secluded mountain towns, vineyard-filled villages, and even some old archaeological sites

Are you planning a trip and want to know where to stay in Sardinia? You’re in luck because we’ll cover where to stay in Sardinia for the best beaches, best Sardinia hotels and even a few places off the beaten track that you may not know. 

Are you ready to find where to stay in Sardinia, Italy? It’s time to find out!

Accommodation in Costa Paradiso, Northern Sardinia

Want to know where to stay in Sardinia? How does paradise sound?

Costa Paradiso, also known as the Paradise Coast of Sardinia, is the perfect spot for water sports lovers. It boasts long coastal stretches throughout, including excellent scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing spots.  

Nature lovers will also be able to hike in this area. Other destinations around Costa Paradiso include Li Vaccaggi, Lu Colbu and Greuli.

Costa Paradiso on a Budget – Resort Gravina

Are you looking for Sardinia resorts that won’t break the bank? Resort Gravina is a budget-friendly choice of note. Every room includes a balcony or terrace and free wifi and air conditioning for visits during the hot summer months.

Book your stay at Resort Gravina

Gravina Resort in Costa Paradiso, Sardinia.

Costa Paradiso Apartment – Paradise Hill

Built against a rock face on the coast of Costa Paradiso, this luxury apartment exudes coastal charm. Paradise Hill features sweeping panoramic views of the ocean, large bedrooms, rustic rocky architecture and a wrap-around balcony and comfy sun-loungers, we think relaxing in paradise looks something like this.

This apartment is just 8 minutes away from the beautiful sandy beach of Spiaggia di Cala li Cossi, and is one the best places to stay in Sardinia due to its proximity to natural beauty.

Book your stay at Paradise Hill

Places to stay in Sardinia - Paradise Hill
Paradise Hill apartment in Sardinia

Luxury Hotel in Costa Paradiso – Hotel Costa Paradiso

Touted as one of the best hotels in Sardinia, Hotel Costa Paradiso is a luxury hotel boasting a fantastic granite coastal view. Guests have praised this hotel as dreamy for its large clean rooms, refreshing seawater pool, exceptional team of staff and fresh coffee bar.

Book your stay at Hotel Costa Paradiso

Hotels in Sardinia - Hotel Costa Paradiso
Hotel Costa Paradiso in Sardinia

Boutique Accommodation – Costa Paradiso Resort

Do you want to enjoy Sardinia by staying in a boutique resort? Look no further than Costa Paradiso Resort, a favourite amongst Sardinia resorts.

This unique boutique resort offers many villas of varying sizes to guests – so don’t expect a standard hotel room when you arrive! The resort features a large terrace with a private pool, luxury family villas, a private beach area and proximity to Spiaggia Del Porto La Cruzitta, as well as hiking, snorkelling and nearby fishing sites. 

Book your stay at Costa Paradiso Resort

Sardinia resorts - Costa Paradiso Resort
Costa Paradiso Resort

Accommodation in Porto Istana, North-East Sardinia

Porto Istana is a village in Olbia, Sardinia within the Sassari province. This picturesque village offers crystal-clear water at its beaches, as well as glistening white sand and lush green vegetation throughout the town. You will also be treated to beautiful views of the neighbouring island, Isola Tavolara. 

Other destinations around Porto Istana include Li Cuncheddi, Bunthe, Costa Corallina and Murta Maria.

Apartment in Porto Istana – Garden of Plenty

The Garden of Plenty Apartment is the quintessential terracotta home and features in our top list of where to stay in Sardinia. This idyllic apartment features a cactus garden, breathtaking coastal views, an outdoor barbecue, a shaded patio and luscious lawns.

Porto Istana beach is just a five-minute drive away, but we bet you probably won’t want to leave the apartment!

Book your stay at Garden of Plenty

Accommodation in Porto Istana
Garden of Plenty, Porto Istana

Porto Istana on a Budget – Porto Istana Holiday Home

Are you looking for a budget holiday home? You may enjoy the Porto Istana Holiday Home. This quaint one-bedroomed home is pet friendly and includes terrace and garden views. It is simple yet has everything a beach lover might need when the day is over.

It includes a basic kitchenette, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV for your entertainment. Porto Istana Holiday Home is close to Olbia, and Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is only 7km away. 

Book your stay at Porto Istana Holiday Home

Porto Istana Holiday Home
Porto Istana Holiday Home, Sardinia

Luxury Resort – Baglioni Resort Sardinia

This hotel is located around 10km out of Porto Istana and is one of the best places to stay in Sardinia. Its steep price tag comes with offers of pet friendly accommodation, celebrity treatment, world-class service, a private beach, sweet and savoury breakfast options, a fitness centre, and three swimming pools.

Couples especially enjoy it, which makes this resort one of the best Sardinia hotels for a honeymoon. This picturesque hotel also has dedicated sun lounge terraces for guests to use.

Book your stay at Baglioni Resort Sardinia

Baglioni Resort Sardinia
Baglioni Resort Sardinia

Boutique Hotel – Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 

If you’re after a rustic experience when deciding where to stay in Sardinia, Hotel Stefania is one of the best hotels in Sardinia for a homely experience. It features a Moorish decorative style and is located in Olbia, close to Porto Istana. 

This 4-star hotel is a mere 100m away from Pittulongu Beach. This hotel features a fitness centre, outdoor pool with terrace, paid beach service and restaurant. Hotel Stefania has a unique set-up as the hotel is split into two buildings – the central hotel offers 28 rooms, and the separate Villa Stefania has an extra ten rooms. 

Book your stay at Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 

Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 
Hotel Stefania Boutique Hotel 

Accommodation in Santa Reparata, North Sardinia

Santa Reparata is a beautiful city in Sardinia and is characterized by its white sandy beaches. This unique location offers impressive coastal views in spades and is close to many other destinations in the region. 

Other destinations around Santa Reparata include Funtanaccia and Capo Testa to the north-west, Santa Teresa Gallura to the north-east and Buoncammino to the east.

Apartment in Santa Reparata – Wilma’s Watch 

One of the best places to stay in North Sardinia is Wilma’s Watch. Named after the Flintstones character, this prehistoric pad, complete with arched walls and thatched roof, offers luxurious surroundings that may surprise you.

Wilma’s Watch features a complete outdoor kitchen with a hob, large barbecue grill, alfresco dining area and shallow pool surrounded by a lush garden. Additionally, you’ll find a hot tub for starlit nights, an outdoor shower for cleaning off after a swim and a flat roof terrace for sundowners. 

While the exterior may look dated, the interior is modern, boasting modern white walls and classy furnishings – which make it the ultimate spot for relaxation in Sardinia. 

Book your stay at Wilma’s Watch

Accommodation in North Sardinia, Italy
Wilma’s Watch

On a Budget – Hotel Da Cecco 

Located just 200m from Santa Tera Gallura’s main beach, this budget hotel offers rustic charm. Featuring a pastel exterior, free wifi for every room and a buffet-style breakfast, Hotel Da Cecco is an excellent choice if you’re looking to save on accommodation costs.

It’s also close to a bus stop that links Olbia and Sassari, making it an excellent choice for city-hoppers in discovering where to stay in Sardinia. 

Book your stay at Hotel Da Cecco

Hotel Da Cecco in Sardinia
Hotel Da Cecco in Sardinia

Luxury Hotel – Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

The Colonna Grand Hotel in Capo Testa offers Mediterranean-style architecture, panoramic views and a private white-sand beach on the premises. 

Look no further if you were wondering where to stay in Santa Reparata, as this location will give you quick access to Santa Reparata and Funtanaccia in northern Sardinia. Every room includes air conditioning, a furnished balcony, a choice of 2 restaurants serving local fare and a terrace bar with views of Corsica and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Additionally, this hotel offers a free shuttle service to Santa Teresa di Gallura, only 2km away.

Book your stay at Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa
Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa in Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia

Boutique Accommodation – Hotel La Coluccia

Located in Santa Teresa Gallura, La Coluccia Hotel is only 50m away from the nearest beach and boasts beautiful views of Spargi island. 

Some of the main features include Turkish baths, a spa and fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers, buffet breakfasts and panoramic views over the peninsula. It is 17km from Palau, which offers ferry trips to Genoa.

Book your stay at Hotel La Coluccia

Where to stay in Sardinia - La Coluccia
La Coluccia in Sardinia

Accommodation in Cagliari, South Sardinia

Cagliari is one of the best places to stay in Sardinia, the island’s capital. There is an activity for just about anyone here, including museum visits, excellent restaurants, local breweries, shopping malls and unforgettable beaches.

This large piece of land is located close to Quartu Sant’Elena to the east and Quartiere Vivere to the west. 

See also What to See in Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari on a Budget – Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme

Looking to save some money on accommodation? Check out Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme. It’s located in the middle of Cagliari’s city centre, making it perfect for a cultural tour of Sardinia. 

Some packages include complimentary breakfast for 2, free wifi for every room, and access to the hotel’s restaurant and fitness centre. 

Book your stay at Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme

Where to stay in Cagliari, Sardinia
Hotel Residence Ulivi E Palme in Cagliari, Sardinia

Boutique Hotel in Cagliari – La Villa del Mare 

Want a truly unique boutique stay in Cagliari? La Villa del Mare might be a perfect choice. This early 20th-century villa boasts an Art Nouveau experience on the seafront, complete with a reading room and furnished garden on the premises. 

A bus stop is located 20m away should you want to visit the city centre, making this central location perfect for a secluded getaway.

Book your stay at La Villa del Mare

La Villa del Mare in Cagliari, Sardinia
La Villa del Mare in Cagliari, Sardinia

Luxury Stays in Cagliari – T Hotel

T Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sardinia. With its modern design, big rooms, and exceptional city views, you can’t miss out on this king of luxury Sardinia resorts when staying in Cagliari. 

T Hotel features a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy spa complete with steam baths, full English breakfasts every morning, and a modern gym. It is close to the Lyric Theatre as well as the Cagliari Cathedral and Cagliari-Elmas airport.

Book your stay at T Hotel

T Hotel in Cagliari, Sardinia
T Hotel in Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari Apartment – Right House

Right House is a luxury apartment in Cagliari. It boasts modern finishes and appliances, classy interior decor and a central location close to train stations, restaurants and bus stops right in the city centre of Cagliari. 

The nearest beach, Poetto Beach, can be accessed via a bus close to the apartment.

Book your stay at Right House

Places to stay in Cagliari, Sardinia
Right House in Cagliari, Sardinia


From Cagliari in the south to Porto Istana in the North, you’ll find many beautiful places to stay in Sardinia. Featuring beautiful abodes filled with sunny terraces, cacti gardens and pools aplenty, you’re bound to find something to suit your next trip to Sardinia, regardless of your budget.

Whether you’re budget conscious, looking for a private apartment, want to splurge on a luxury hotel or enjoy a boutique experience, you can find accommodation to suit you in practically every city in Sardinia. 

By now, we hope you know where to stay in Sardinia – at many different price points. Some of the best Sardinia hotels are waiting for you – so be sure to visit Sardinia next time you’re planning a trip to Italy. 

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A Gelato-Fueled Romp Through Lake Como’s

Friday, August 27th, 2021

Expensive ITG,

I’m again from a dreamy 7 days and a fifty percent in Italy with my best good friend, Kristina. Actually, I wish you could have been there. The excellent news is that the two my dairy-induced breakouts and inclination to say “grazie mille” at the conclude of each and every discussion have now faded. The bad news is that the only whirlwind Italian romance I skilled was with Olio e Osso No. 5, and I was the clingy partner.

We started off our journey in Bellagio (in all probability named just after the resort in Vegas), and stayed in an Airbnb that fulfilled our only requirement (owning a terrace). I dropped track of the days due to the fact each one particular went precisely like this: morning gelato, lovely villa tour, pasta for lunch, terrace reading, evening meal pasta, evening gelato. And repeat. It was a life style absolutely worth the lactose tablets I had to carry in my bag. If you are only listed here for a working day, just take the ferry to Lenno and pay a visit to Villa del Balbianello—it’s so intricate, whole of history, and will make you feel like you’re in a Taylor Swift tunes online video.

Soon after Bellagio we re-packed our “Caution: Heavy”-tagged luggage and drove an hour to our future cease, Villa d’Este. I could (and frequently do) shell out hours on, but I nonetheless would not be ready to obtain the words and phrases to explain this spot. It is ethereal and alluring and, had there not been other people there, I would have used my days operating close to the grounds in a large ball gown. Mainly because there were other men and women there, I sprawled out on a lounge chair by the lake, reading through The Expense of Residing and producing a dependency on lemon soda, as a substitute. Not a terrible program B. What I cherished most about our time at Villa d’Este was that we used our times in just Supergoop sunscreen, some Boy Brow, and tinted lip balm… But at the time 7 PM hit, we turned our very own glam group to get completely ready for a 9 o’clock evening meal. Discovering the perfect playlist (should incorporate “Perfect Day” by Hoku), attempting a new make-up glimpse on a whim, achieving for micellar h2o to wipe it off minutes after, inquiring your pal if they happened to provide the eyelash curler you managed to ignore… It manufactured me really feel sixteen again. I truly skipped the efficiency of Acquiring Ready™.

Right after a rapid argument around whether we should really stop our positions and stay at Villa d’Este without end, we reluctantly re-re-packed and headed to the closing leg of our journey. Here’s what they tell you about remaining in a 14th century castle-turned-mattress-and-breakfast: it’s magical and attractive and feels straight out of a aspiration. Real! Here’s what they never convey to you: it gets very very hot in the summertime, there are a couple as well a lot of creepy paintings, and there is no filtration process in the pool so swim caps are obligatory. I did not involve a picture of me donning my swim cap here, for everyone’s benefit. Nevertheless, we had a excellent time. There was more balcony looking at (Many thanks for Ready by Doree Shafrir this time) and frolicking in dresses—perfect pursuits in my e-book.

With a huge hug (I’m a Most cancers!) and a final minute offer to revisit the stop-our-employment-and-keep-right here-without end strategy, Kristina and I explained our goodbyes at Milan Linate Airport. She went off to Croatia and I returned to Paris to finish off my European summertime and spend 1 much more paycheck at Citypharma. Any strategies on what I should invest in?

Grazie mille!

—Bianca Garcia

Photographs via the creator

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Everything We’ve Ever Published About Retinoids

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

Technically Into The Gloss has its possess magnificence hotline, a Slack channel termed question-ITG. But right before you come to feel still left out (request-ITG, like the plush blankets we acquired at Christmastime, is a Glossier worker distinctive), we have bought a confession to make. 9 moments out of 10, we’re just actively playing air visitors handle. Recycling assistance. Resting on our laurels. And perhaps that sounds… terrible? But the matter is, if someone’s thinking it, probabilities are we were being too—and presently requested a dermatologist, aesthetician, or chemist to clarify it. In its place of answering each and every and every single problem, generally we just stamp a “There’s an ITG for that!” on it and incorporate some appropriate links. Way far better explanations than we could present in a single or two sentences—plus, we get to our midday conferences on time, and our coworker gets a comprehensive response they can help save and return to.

If you have a question about retinoids, you’re not by yourself. Everyone’s often asking yourself about these complicated vitamin A analogues. But with a several clicks and some strategic website navigation, it’s easy to develop into an qualified. So we’ve compiled all of our best retinoid guidance proper right here, just for you.

Received a problem about retinoids? There’s an ITG for that. Uncover it beneath.

When ought to I get started using a retinoid?

Retinoids are suggested for teenagers having difficulties with pimples and adults involved about wonderful strains. It is in no way genuinely “too soon” to get started. But much more on that listed here.

When, if at any time, should I not use a retinoid?

When you’re expecting! Or breastfeeding. Why that is (as well as more pregnancy skincare dos and don’ts) listed here.

I really don’t know something about this things. Where by should I start?

You are not the 1st person to be baffled about great ol’ vitamin A. We built this helpful dandy FAQ sheer to deliver you up to velocity.

Great, you’ve sold me! How do I get commenced?

We’d suggest consulting an aesthetician like Shani Darden. Jessica Alba, January Jones, and Kelly Rowland have confidence in her, so why not you? If you simply cannot get an appointment, you are in luck—she shared all her best tips for retinoid rookies listed here.

How solid should really my 1st retinoid be?

We can not really response that for you, dude—it genuinely depends on your skin form and what you’re wanting to execute. But it can be beneficial to start out with one thing on the gentler aspect and gradually operate your way up to the huge percentage gamers. An explanation, below.

How does [insert retinoid] conduct in comparison to [insert retinoid]?

Appears like you have to have assist comprehending the retinoid chain! The retinoid chain explains how your pores and skin converts vitamin A derivatives to their lively form, retinoic acid. The closer a retinoid is to retinoic acid, the a lot more powerful it’ll be. It’s a minor complex, so a longform response may be extra valuable.

What’s the greatest way to use my new retinoid solution?

A true dialogue about this correct topic, correct this way. (But for a TLDR model: appear for a creamy regularity, use on dry pores and skin, observe with moisturizer if your skin is sensitive.)

Can I mix exfoliating acids with retinoids?

Exfoliating acids and retinoids may well give you dry, flaky pores and skin on the road to glow. They cannot not be utilized together—actually, their mechanisms for encouraging cell turnover are completely different—but the combo is just as well severe for some folks. Here, a skin doctor describes what is likely on (and gives a novel resolution).

Do I have to put retinoids all over my deal with?

Nope! You can also locate retinoids in location procedure kind (to support with zits or darkish marks) or in eye creams. We truly feel passionately about a couple solutions.

Can I use retinoids on my body?

Yep! Some manufacturers provide retinol overall body lotions, but you can also combine a minor of your preferred OTC retinoid with your lotion for a luxe allover therapy at a fraction of the value. Here’s how we like to do it.

What’s it like working with a retinoid?

Charlotte Palermino took some for a spin so you don’t have to (though you are going to surely want to after observing her final results). With steerage from two derms and a beauty chemist, she began with a 1% retinoid and… very well, just browse this tale to discover out.

How do I know if I’m purging? What’s purging anyway?

Turns out, “purging” (or, an onslaught of it-gets-even worse-in advance of-it-gets-much better zits that come about when you begin a new product or service) is typically a myth. The only point that could possibly induce it is a extremely, quite harsh retinoid, and most new formulations are much gentler than their purging predecessors of yore. Don’t feel us? Permit a dermatologist established the file straight.

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Healthy Food in Vietnam: Tofu & Tao Pho

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Now in my thirties, I have apparent reminiscences of curling up on my grandfather’s lap, again when I was a tiny child.

He’d sit on a old wood bed and smoke a china bowl pope, his historic shriveled hands breaking grilled tofu into pieces and dipping the morsels into salt.

As a child, I thought that the tofu chinks seemed unappealing, but the grownups seemed to get pleasure from feeding on them. It was frequent to see cyclo drivers eating this dish by the roadside throughout their breaks at the time Hai Phong nonetheless had lots of flamboyant trees and small compact homes.

If I shut my eyes I can even now scent the scent of grilling tofu.

Tofu is amongst the healthful foodstuff in Vietnam not to be missed!

Healthy food stuff in Vietnam

Heathy food items in Vietnam


Even today grilled tofu is nonetheless available in cheap beer bars, where by prospects get pleasure from its pungent style. Tofu is applied in all sorts of methods. Dried boiled or steamed. This component having said that is rarely served at feasts or fancy dinners.

Most Vietnamese folks look at tofu to be humble fare. It is affordable and commonly available. In Asia, people have been generating food from soy beans for century. Tofu and other soy solutions are connected with devout Buddhists, who are vegetarian for religious factors. Soy merchandise are applied to make meat substitutes that occasionally glimpse and style just like meat.

Go to any sector in Vietnam and you will see women promoting Tofu out of flat baskets. Purchasers occur to know who make the best tofu and well-known distributors provide out early. In Hanoi, Dau Mo (Tofu from Mo Market place) is thought of a specialty, like basil from Lang Village or soy sauce from Ban Village.

The Tofu makers in Mo Village have their possess solution, although all tofu incorporates very similar substances. Perhaps the tofu in Mo Village notice improved standards of good quality regulate, using superior substances and refusing to slice corners to obtain a quick phrase gain.

Earning Tofu is time consuming.

Producers are up most of the night in get to get their tofu to sector at dawn. Very first a person have to grind the soy beans then filter them in advance of cooking, cooling packaging compressing and peeling the ensuing tofu. Every single action necessitates thorough and experienced fingers.

Currently, the outdated villages of Ke Mo are but a memory. The streets feature slim store-house and significant rises. Even Mo Market is lengthy absent, having been demolished to create a purchasing centre. Foodstuff lovers in Hanoi, on the other hand nevertheless remember the superb of Mo tofu.

Tofu in Vietnam
Tofu in Vietnam

Tao Pho

Tofu makers create a vary of items. The output of their 1st phase of manufacturing is Tao Pho, a white, condensed pudding that is serve as a dessert with sweet syrup. Pretty popular with ladies, this is a great snack on a warm summer working day.

In northern Vietnam, Tao Pho sellers usually experience bicycles with a barrel of Tao Pho driving them. The vender utilizes a flat spoon to ladle thin layers of Tao pho into a bowl in advance of adding syrup.

Currently as individuals are more and more affluent, the more subtle Japanese design of Tofu is gaining popularity. The purest product or service of the tofu cooking process this sort of smooth tofu may be identified on buffet tables and at fancy feasts.

In my check out, this kind of tofu is far too gentle, breaking aside as before long as a single takes a chunk. For day-to-day fare, I like the standard, regular Vietnamese tofu.

Some afternoons, I sit at a roadside restaurant beneath a flamboyant tree and take pleasure in the abundant style of grilled tofu flavored with turmeric. This dish by no means fails to remind me of my childhood.

Superior food items doesn’t will need to be costly and there is so significantly nutritious food items in Vietnam!

Fantastic food items is foodstuff that is eaten at the proper time and place and that would make you really feel great.

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The Dewy Dudes With A Stockpile Of Mexican Tretinoin

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

The #ITGTopShelfie job interview collection focuses on the beauty routines of Into The Gloss’ pretty, achieved, and faithful neighborhood of visitors. Post your individual on Instagram—post your Top Shelfie (tag us @intothegloss!) and incorporate the hashtag #ITGTopShelfie for a likelihood to be featured on ITG.

Evan Shinn, a single fifty percent of @dewydudes: Emilio and I are from Kansas, and we met on MySpace when we were being in center university. We have been both bizarre scene little ones. He went to faculty in Chicago and I stayed in Kansas, but sooner or later I moved to Chicago and we lived with each other for about 3 decades. And though we were being residing collectively, we observed that we ended up both equally seriously into skincare.

Emilio Quezada Ibañez, the other 50 %: My dad was constantly harping on me to glance the most presentable I could when leaving the home. But my mom is the one obsessed with skincare, and when I was in substantial university she would make certain that I washed my face, made use of moisturizer, and wore sunscreen. I did all of it because I was fearful of my mother, but when I went off to higher education I started to value skincare on my own. My mom and I have truly identical skin forms, so she lets me know if she tries a thing and truly likes it, and I let her know what I’m seeking as well.

Evan: I also got into skincare due to the fact of my household. My sister and I both struggled with teenage hormonal acne, so her schedule was a enormous impact on me. When I was in school I realized about the entire K-attractiveness craze from the particular person I was dating—obviously the girlfriend-to-dewy-dude pipeline is true. But I hadn’t truly met any other dudes who were being equally into skincare.

Emilio: Most of the fellas I experienced lived with up right up until then thought that I used also substantially time in the rest room. Residing with Evan was the initially time that I could have these forms of discussions with a close friend.

Evan: We wanted to start a podcast about skincare, but didn’t know if an audience for that would exist. So we started with a meme web page to exam out our tone. A large amount of our details comes from Reddit—you’ve most likely heard of r/skincareaddiction, but there’s also r/SCAcirclejerk which is more ironic. We’re shit-talkers, and fanatics fairly than industry experts. I’m a freelance digital graphic designer alongside seeking to make Dewy Dudes pop off.

Emilio: And I’m a audio producer, creating and releasing music beneath my artist identify. The podcast takes up virtually as significantly time as my new music vocation, even although it unquestionably doesn’t pay back as effectively. I go to Glowbar for extractions due to the fact it is inexpensive and speedy, and I always have a good experience. I’ve been making use of the Is Medical Cleansing Advanced ever since—it does just ample without the need of stripping also substantially.

Evan: I also use that cleanser since it was suggested to me at Glowbar. It keeps popping up with other skincare lovers, alongside with the Is Scientific Hydra Serum.

Emilio: It’s really highly-priced, but whenever they use it in our facials, it feels remarkable. At evening I’ve been applying the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night time Remedy and Tatcha’s Overnight Fix Treatment method. It’s genuinely really hard to uncover a nighttime moisturizer that is thick but also does not make me feel like I like a ton of shit on my experience. This one particular is definitely prosperous but absorbs immediately, and when I pair it with the Dewtopia serum, I observe a variance in my skin’s texture in the early morning. If I’m emotion nuts at night time, I’ll also set on Muri Lelu’s Indica Oil. A guest proposed that on the podcast.

Evan: The most effective skincare assistance I’ve gotten is that you never have to do your nighttime regimen at evening. If you just got home from operate and are not going out once more, do it. That way, you don’t have to pressure your self to do it when you’re about to pass out at 11PM. Like I stated, I use that Is Medical cleanser, then use Dr. Loretta’s Tightening Eye Gel and this Avani silicone scar gel above my eye in which I not long ago experienced some skin cancer eliminated. Knowing I’m vulnerable to skin cancer like that has certainly built me dress in a lot more sunscreen and go out in the sunshine fewer. I’m not a recluse, but it is a new priority for me. After that I use tretinoin—

Emilio: Oh shit, I forgot about that! We acquired a ton of .025-per cent tretinoin the previous time we were in Mexico Town. I use it at night, too.

Evan: I typically use a moisturizer to produce a tretinoin sandwich, as they say. Proper now I have been executing a layer of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, a little little bit of tretinoin, and then extra moisturizer. I do that two or three nights a week, and on the alternating nights I use the Environ Pores and skin EssentiA AVST Moisturizer. So I’m fundamentally often utilizing a retinoid. I exfoliate about two times a 7 days with the tried and real Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads. In the morning I just splash my deal with with h2o, put on a moisturizer, and use sunscreen. I’ll get DMs that are like, “Yo, what’s a superior SPF that doesn’t get caught in your beard?” and I have to say, Dr. Loretta’s Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen is it. Or the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. If I’m going to the beach or I’m out all day, I’ll use the Elta MD UV Defend Broad Spectrum SPF 45 alternatively. I was viewing this massive wave browsing documentary a short while ago, and it was great to see all the guys out there with their faces coated in sunscreen seeking definitely white. Sunscreen is about shielding on your own, and in some cases you want to know it is there!

Emilio: In the early morning I’ll set on Dr. Loretta’s Intense Replenishing Serum, which is the only matter I have uncovered that actually hydrates. For moisturizer I’ll use Is Clinical’s Reparative Emulsion, and then I use Ole Henriksen Banana Dazzling Eye Crème and my Dieux masks. Most eye lotions really do not do substantially, but this provides a bit of brightness. Then, I close off with Elta MD’s sunscreen. These days, I’ve been sticking this Lesse antioxidant Regeneration Mist in the fridge, which is nice and amazing on a scorching day.

Evan: I’ve hardly ever experienced a dude appear about and mask, but occasionally we want that rapid glow right before a Zoom contact!

Emilio: The Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask is excellent, and the Lesse Bioactive charcoal mask is genuinely wonderful and purifying. I’ll do that at night if I’m feeling clogged up, and the Violet-C just before a evening out.

Evan: I had to obtain some 3-in-1 a even though ago to make a meme, so I’ve been making use of it—not on my confront or hair, but on my overall body. I ran out of all my Nécessaire stuff and, fuck it, right? I have to get by this point. I do also use the Panoxyl Wash on my back again and upper body, which are the only destinations I get zits now. Rio Viera-Newton swears by this. As considerably as my hair, Emilio turned me on to this Oribe Airstyle Product I really like.

Emilio: I am seeking to get much more into haircare. My hair is seriously curly but it is not quite as slender as white people’s hair—I’ve been owning a really hard time acquiring a shampoo hydrates and without making my curls glimpse frizzy. This Briogeo these days shampoo and conditioner is the to start with that I truly see a distinction from. For my overall body, I’m passionate about these nylon washcloths from Mexico. They cost about 10 cents and do these types of a better task than a loofah at cleaning and exfoliating. Even just before I moisturize, my pores and skin is always very delicate. Anytime my mother visits my loved ones there I talk to her to bring back again 20—I gave Evan just one!

Evan: I use it! When strangers arrive about who really do not know about the podcast and meme website page, there are combined responses about how numerous products I have in my lavatory. Nobody’s gushing more than all of it. Maybe they’d crack a joke, or think, “What is this guy’s offer with all the skincare?” In common I really do not tend to day people who are into skincare.

Emilio: We’re dying to try Augustinus Bader’s The Wealthy Cream up coming. We equally want it extremely badly. I want to start off utilizing Vintner Daughter’s Lively Botanical Serum too—I attempted a sample once and it was incredible. I’d like to get a lymphatic drainage massage…

Evan: I want to consider a microcurrent machine, or an LED mask. I’d really like to consider microneedling.

Emilio: Yeah, a vampire facial! I truly just like the dewy appear. This is kind of poor to say, but now that I’m so into skincare, I detect uninteresting skin.

Evan: Eventually the dewy issue has to pass, right? I’m curious to see when every person is likely to want to glimpse very matte all over again. Is that presently occurring? Maybe we’ll have to alter the title of the pod to Matte Men.

—as advised to ITG

Photographs by means of the authors

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Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Some of the best beaches in Italy can be found in Sardinia, flanked by the Mediterranean sea on all sides, and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Renowned for its natural beauty, illuminating turquoise water, the beaches in Sardinia will give you plenty of choices when it comes time to choose a relaxing destination.

Because there are so many beaches on the island, we’ll discuss the best beaches in Sardinia that you absolutely cannot miss.

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Valle dell’Erica beach, Sardinia, Italy

The Best Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia regularly tops polls of the best beaches globally, so you can bet that the beaches in Sardinia are breathtaking! Here are some beaches to check out, split into the best beaches in North and South Sardinia!

Best Beaches North Sardinia

The cities of Sassari, Alghero, Stintino and Vignola Mare boast some of the best beaches north Sardinia. 

La Pelosa Beach

La Pelosa Beach is arguably the most famous beach in all of Northern Sardinia. La Pelosa is located a mere 2.5km away from Stintino in the North-West of Sardinia. It’s considered one of the best beaches in north Sardinia due to its fine white sand and shallow sea that boasts a gradient of turquoise hues, including aquamarine and topaz waters. 

This beach is bustling in July and August, so try to avoid these months for a more peaceful visit. As of 2020, the beach allows only a limited number of visitors on the beach, so you’ll need to book your place using the dedicated app. 

The beach is 300 meters long and up to 60 meters wide in some places. It is labelled as one of the best beaches in Sardinia because it is reminiscent of a Caribbean beach paradise.

La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia, Italy
La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia, Italy

Cala Ostina Beach 

Cala Ostina is a beautiful and secluded beach in Sardinia, located a few kilometres east of Castelsardo. It sits quietly in a small bay under a steep, earthen-toned coastal landform. Its unique appearance and private atmosphere make it a contender for one of the best beaches in north Sardinia. 

It is a small beach of only 60 meters in length, but its deep golden sands caused by volcanic rock nearby and almost translucent water are a sight to behold. 

This beach is part of an inlet, meaning there are no waves at this beach in Sardinia, which helps make it one of the best beaches in Sardinia for tranquility. As a result, you can expect peaceful swimming and an abundance of green plants in the area. This beach is quite remote despite being easily accessible, so visitors should bring their facilities when travelling as none are available on the site.  

Porto Ferro Beach

Porto Ferro is located in the province of Sassari and is one of the best beaches in north Sardinia due to its immense beauty.

For over 30 years, Porto Ferro has been visited by ‘naturists’ or nudists and built a reputation for being one of Sardinia’s most extensive nudist beaches. In 2018, Porto Ferro was labelled one of the first official nudist beaches in Sardinia. As the beach is famous, ‘nudist’ visitors may use only specific beach areas for nudists, including a 200 meter stretch of tiny coves beyond the stone tower at the end of the beach.

Porto Ferro is also well-known for its backdrop of pine forests and towering dunes that make up a truly unique ecosystem. There are ancient towers in this area that add special charm to this beach in Sardinia.

Best Beaches south Sardinia

The cities of Cagliari, Pula, Chia and Porto Pino offer some of the best beaches south Sardinia. 

Porto Pino Beach

Porto Pino beach is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in all of south Sardinia. This oasis of a beach is located at the border of Cagliari and Carbonia-Iglesias provinces, southeast of the village of Porto Pino. 

It is 4km long and is characterised by its pristine dunes and pond surroundings, where bright pink flamingos are often spotted. This beach is one of the best beaches in South Sardinia due to its unique backdrop and crystal-clear shallow waters, making it a good choice for families with children.

Porto Pino is well-equipped with many sun umbrellas, bars, bathrooms and water sport activities, including surfing and scuba diving. 

Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach is the main beach of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. It is one of the best beaches in south Sardinia as it is one of the longest, making for some seriously majestic and romantic beach walks. It is over 8km long and offers deep blue waters and hillside views to the South. 

Poetto is well-equipped with kiosks, beach bars, restaurants, nightclubs, water sports facilities and even a marina. It is arguably one of the the best beaches in Sardinia for kitesurfers, and it is easy to reach by access. Many kitesurfing and windsurfing championships take place at Poetto.

There are so many amazing beaches in Sardinia that we couldn’t list all of the beaches in Sardinia here, or you’d be reading for years!

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Cagliari Sardinia beaches
Poetto beach in Cagliari

Best hotels in Sardinia on the beach

A beach getaway wouldn’t be complete without checking out the best hotels in Sardinia on the beach. Naturally, the best beaches in Sardinia should be accompanied by the most relaxing accommodation on the island!

On a Budget: Caesar’s Hotel


Caesar’s hotel is one of the best budget hotels in Sardinia that is only a 20-minute walk from the beach.

It includes free wifi throughout and is a short bus ride away from the historical centre of Cagliari. The hotel’s rooms have air conditioning and LED TVs in every room, while some even contain a spa bath. It is a popular destination with tourists and offers 24-hour reception services.  

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Holiday House rental: Villa Carina


Villa Carina is a beautiful 3-bedroomed house in Conca Verde, Sardinia. Arguably more enjoyable than staying in the best hotels in Sardinia, a rental house gives you the option of truly feeling at home while on holiday. 

This property is no exception, boasting a heated pool, sun terrace with ocean views, private veranda and outdoor grill, as well as a full kitchen and combined lounge and dining room. It can sleep five people in total and includes a full family bathroom and en-suite bathroom. 

A private beach is only a few minutes away from the house, while Conca Verde beach is only 5 minutes away. 


Boutique Accommodation: Jatika Boutique Hotel 


Jatika Boutique Hotel is located in Vignola Mare in Aglientu, Sardinia. A boutique hotel set on the beach, Jatika boasts ultramodern, clean white finishes in each room. This 4-star hotel includes a restaurant and bar on the premises and offers free wifi for each visitor.

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Sardinia for its spacious and clean rooms, friendly and accommodating staff and panoramic beach views on the coast of Costa Paradiso. 

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Family-friendly Hotel: Chia Laguna Hotel Village 


The Chia Laguna Hotel Village is located in Viale Belvedere in Chia, South Sardinia. 

It is one of the best hotels on the beach in Sardinia because it includes family-friendly Mediterranean gardens as its focal point. Each room boasts a view of the garden, as well as air conditioning and free wifi access. The hotel’s modern restaurant offers a buffet and breakfast and dinner options ranging from pizza and fresh fish to specialty Sardinian dishes. 

Aside from its natural beauty, it offers boutique shops, many restaurants and bars, private beaches and even a tennis club. It includes a dedicated children’s area for families with children, including a mini club, kid’s pool, and playground.

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Luxury Accommodation: Petra Segreta Resort and Spa


Petra Segreta is a luxury resort and spa boasting a 5-star service set on five hectares of forest outside the town of San Pantaleo in northern Sardinia. 

This luxury accommodation offers modern wellness facilities, a heated freshwater pool and traditional Sicilian houses known as Stazzi scattered throughout the property. Each room is uniquely furnished in a classic modern country style and includes air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, a private bathroom and a private patio. 

Some of the wellness facilities on offer include a sauna, Turkish bath and Ayurvedic massage. This picturesque luxury resort offers two different restaurants and beautiful mountain views. 

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Head to Sardinia for sun, sand and beach vibes

No matter where you choose to go, it’s totally possible to pick a few random names out of a hat and still land up at some of the top beaches in Sardinia; because there are just so many beaches to choose from on the island!

When looking at staying on the island, whether going on a budget tour or staying with family members, there are some of the best hotels in Sardinia on the beach (and in the whole of Europe) when it comes to natural beauty and epic relaxation. 

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The New It-Girl Of Skincare Is Good For Sensitive,

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

It did not come about frequently, but just about every time it did it turned the social strata inside out: you’d go back to college just after summer season holiday, and out of the blue, a stranger. A new female! She just moved from the town (or at minimum a different suburb with a cooler sounding name), has the system footwear you have been coveting, is familiar with how to tie a cherry stem with her tongue, graciously lends you a bright purple gel pen when your generic black a single dies. The total grade’s obsessed, the cliques shift, and occur Thanksgiving no one can bear in mind what existence was like just before [insert name here] moved to [insert street here]. In skincare right now, that new woman is mandelic acid. Significantly to lactic acid’s chagrin.

Does not it really feel like everyone’s chatting about her? She’s popping up in serums, toners, and Instagram Lives… But it’s possible you two haven’t been acquainted still. Allow us make the intro: mandelic acid is a mild alpha hydroxy acid derived from almonds. It is a beloved of the beauty chemist duo Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu, as properly as board-licensed dermatologist. Dr. Lian Mack. “I’ve been utilizing mandelic acid for yrs!” claims the great doc.
Prior to we do nearly anything else, let’s zoom in. Seriously considerably in, even if you never have your microscope useful, to seem at just a person mandelic acid molecule. “Mandelic acid molecules are larger sized and weigh more than other AHA molecules, which include glycolic and lactic acids,” suggests Dr. Mack. It also has a exceptional chemical construction (“similar to zits-professional salicylic acid,” Victoria notes) which makes it possible for it to dissolve into the oil clogging your pores. The XL molecules seep into skin gradually, offering this mild acid its time-launch impact. Like dropping little hints before your birthday, it is an productive way to get particularly what you want with no added irritation.

Returning now to the human-sized environment, what does all of that suggest for you?

The to start with takeaway should be that mandelic acid is pretty gentle and tolerable for all skin types. Dr. Mack generally suggests it for her rosacea or sensitive skin clients, particularly all those also working with pimples. “Many zits regimens are inherently drying and annoying,” she explains, “and selecting mandelic acid minimizes the risk of additional discomfort even though incorporating the reward of mild exfoliation.”

But just mainly because it is gentle doesn’t indicate it can’t get the job done on oily, resilient forms. Basically, compared to glycolic and lactic acids, mandelic acid has a lot more accessible tests knowledge on positive aspects for oily pores and skin specifically. “That possibly clarifies why it’s been joined to oil and acne statements,” says Victoria, who also notes that some experiments have even shown that it allows stability sebum production over time. Gloria provides that several mandelic acid experiments examination it in conjunction with salicylic acid—for case in point, when applied jointly in a chemical peel, the combo has been uncovered to meaningfully lessen put up-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For this explanation, it’s rather popular to see salicylic and mandelic acids paired with each other in a skincare solution. (Gloria and Victoria do just that with their serum, The Expert, even though Dr. Mack is partial to this toner from the drugstore model Catrice.) If you do have to decide on concerning salicylic and mandelic acids, the most powerful reason for picking out mandelic is that it’s also antibacterial.

If you have major pimples, the chemists also note that mandelic acid possibly won’t change the traditional acne fighters like retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, or skin doctor prescriptions. But, if you are searching to incorporate mandelic acid to your regime, pick a merchandise with at minimum 2-p.c of the energetic component. That is the least expensive concentration Gloria says will generate outcomes. The higher limit you are going to come across around the counter is a little something in the 10 to 20-p.c selection, but she does not advocate substantial focus formulas for all those with extremely dry pores and skin. Not only can about indexing on AHAs exacerbate dryness, but significant degrees of mandelic acid are occasionally formulated with correspondingly high ranges of drying ethanol liquor. A chemical peel with mandelic acid can use any place from 10 to 45-percent of the things.

When incorporating mandelic acid into your program, take care of it exactly the exact way you would any exfoliating acid: test to patch-test very first, do the job it in little by little, do not blend with retinoids at night time, and observe with sunscreen in the morning. You have received the hold of it! And just like that, you’re on the road to a new greatest close friend.

Mandelic acid treatment options to include to your regime:

For breakouts:
Chemist Confessions The Specialist
PCA Skin Zits Gel
Allies of Skin Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector

For evenness:
PSA Heroine Superfood Glow Toner
Stratia Delicate Touch AHA
The Normal Mandelic Acid 10% + HA

For sensitive softies:
Wishtrend Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water
Face Reality Mandelic Serum 5%
Catrice Pore 2-in-1 Peeling & Toner

Photograph by way of ITG

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Not to Miss Experiences in Lisbon

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

There are many different versions of Lisbon and so many different experiences in Lisbon to explore.

There’s a version of Lisbon for everyone:

  • Lisbon. The White City, as called by the Swiss director Alain Tanner.
  • Lisbon of the Discoveries, the Tagus River, the Belém Tower and St. Jerome Monastery.
  • Lisbon of the beautiful Azulejos (Glazed Tiles) with hues of blue and white – and polychrome ones too. But let’s focus one the cobalt blue and white ones for now.
  • The traditional Lisbon, Alfama, Fado and the Bohemian Bairro Alto.
  • The Picturesque Lisbon, with its typical neighbourhoods and narrow streets and alleys, from Sé to Cais do Sodré.
  • The Elegant Lisbon of the Chiado and Lapa.
  • The Baroque Lisbon with richly decorated churches and basilicas.
  • The Contemporary Lisbon, from the diverse architecture to the lively cultural life.

There’s so many facets to Lisbon that I am sure you’ll be amazed at its diversity and unique beauty.

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Here are the our top things to do when visiting Lisbon

When seeking the best experiences in Lisbon, make sure to include a few of these on your list. Trust me on those, I’m a Lisbon guide.

The Lookouts Points. The reward after climbing the hills of Lisbon.

The only way is up to visit these spots. Lisbon’s voluptuous topography offers its rewards. After a steep climb, you surely will be rewarded with stunning views.

Ideally, you should do it on foot to have the Lisbon full experience!

For a quick and smoother ride up some of the city’s steepest hills, Lisbon operates three bee-yellow elevadores (funiculars/trams), which were originally water-powered.

One of the most charming rides is the Elevador da Bica which creeps up to Rua do Loreto through the Santa Catarina district. At the end of Rua Marechal Saldanha, is the Miradouro de Santa Catarina with a few popular outdoor cafés, offering exhilarating views across the river and the 25th of April Bridge.

The other lookout point you should not miss is S.Pedro de Alcântara.

The lookout was built in the 19th century. This is Lisbon’s “hotspot” and it was recently restored.

Located at the top of the journey of the Glória Elevator, nearby Bairro Alto, provides a spectacular perspective over Lisbon’s Eastern side. You’ll see the appealing old quarters of Graça, Saint Vincent Monastery and St. George Castle.

You will have the best views at the end of the day, when the lights of Lisbon are lit and the slope of the castle is illuminated.

Belém. Centuries of History and a Little Treat.

It can get very crowded and touristy, but Belém is totally worth a visit. The views to the Tagus River are stunning and, in some days, you’ll almost feel like being at sea.

Belém is intrinsically linked to Portugal’s Golden Age of Discovery, the site where navigators set sail to discover the world from 1400s onwards.

It’s the area where you will find the most visited attractions, St. Jerome Monastery (a must), Belém Tower (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites), the Monument to the Discoveries and The Coach Museum.

The latter being a gem in a worldwide context. Here you will be able to see a precious and one of a kind collection of royal ceremonial coaches and carriages, that will immediately teleport you to ages long gone by.

First stop should be the St. Jerome Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Portuguese), a Manueline masterpiece that will leave you inspired. I could spend hours just looking at its intricate limestone work!

Nearby, in the waterfront, you’ll find the Belém Tower, symbol of Portugal’s maritime glory – also a stone jewel.

A stroll in the Belém Gardens and in the waterfront is mandatory. Open sky, the river breeze, the white hues of the buildings, as well as the contemporary Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT).

Don’t miss the chance to taste the divine traditional Pastéis de Belém (Custard tarts). It’s just a short walk away and fresh off the oven. If it’s too crowded, take them with you to the gardens and have your delicious treat outdoors.

Blessed be the monks that created them!

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Chiado and Baixa Pombalina. Augusta Street Arch for Stunning Views.

Start your stroll in Chiado, one of the most elegant parts of the city, with centenary cafés and probably the best historic shops in town.

In the beginning of the 20th century the menus of the finest cafés were written in French, as it had ambitions of being “Lisbon’s Little Paris”.

Walk down towards Santa Justa Elevator. It connects the higher part of Chiado and Carmo to the lower streets of Baixa (Downtown).

Baixa, the next stop, is the best place to admire the typical Pombaline architectural style so characteristic of Lisbon.

Pombaline is named after the feared and admired statesman Marquis of Pombal. He was in charge of revamping the city after the devasting earthquake of 1755. The architectural features are spectacular and one of a kind. Especially if you consider it was one of the first anti-seismic construction systems in the world.

Don’t miss the Arch of Augusta street, where you can admire stunning views to St. Jorge Castle, Pombaline Downtown, Commerce Square and, last but not the least, the Tagus River.

Gulbenkian Museum and Foundation

The Gulbenkian Museum houses one of the world’s finest private art collections.

Gulbenkian Museum is a true gem, being voted as one of the seven best small museums in the world.

The Foundation premises include a large auditorium with a wide selection of music concerts, from classical to contemporary. There is also a space for temporary exhibitions, a congress area with auditoriums and other rooms, as well as the previously mentioned Gulbenkian Museum, the Art Library and a Modern Art Centre.

Don’t miss the chance to visit its beautiful gardens. If you visit in the beginning of August you will be lucky to get “Jazz em Agosto” (Jazz in August). It’s a rather quirky jazz festival with worldwide musicians playing live on a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre.

The National Tile Museum. Discover the Unique Art of Azulejos.

The National Tile Museum is one of a kind in the world. It is housed in the 16th century Convent of Madre de Deus – a rather secluded venue in the Xabregas district but well worth a visit.

Over the centuries the Portuguese have developed a particular form of art consisting of paintings on ceramic tiles, a mastery known as “Azulejaria” (from “azulejos” – glazed tiles). Even though not originally Portuguese, the art was developed in the country in a very peculiar and unique way.

You can admire a unique collection consisting of some 1,300 tiles, from ancient to contemporary styles.

The highlight lies on the third floor with a Great Lisbon Panorama tile panel. It dates back to the early 1700s, depicting Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake.

Always look down!

All over the city (that can be applicable all over Portugal too), you’ll find beautiful cobblestone pavements made of several types of limestone.

The patterns can be so ornate and rich that will leave you literally mesmerized. Watch out for the “open sea waves” pattern at the central square of Rossio, in Downtown district.

Last but not the least, bring comfortable footwear with a good “grip” for your trip to Lisbon (check out SUAVS and use the code TRAVELDUDES15 for 15% discount). The Portuguese cobblestone pavement can take its toll on the feet and it can be very slippery – especially on the first days of rain.

For a more in-depth or detailed visit Lisbon with Pats to help you maximize your time and have the best and memorable experience of Portugal’s capital city.

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